Vincent, Photographer

By ari - September 30, 2012

Do you ever let your kids get the camera? Vincent doesn't really like using my phone for photos, but he loves our big camera. It has a button that makes the flash pop up!

That's me in the corner ahha. I wasn't rousing, I was faking it.
Sometimes I'll be uploading photos from the camera and notice about 50 strange shots I don't remember taking. Thank you Vincent.

Ready for your close-up Day?
Here's some of his best I found on the camera from September last year!

Me sewing. So weird to think I wasn't even pregnant at this time!
Half the time I'm not even in the shot, but I pose anyway!

I love that you can see his reflection in the tv
Am I weird to find this photo artistic and calming?

Dem thighs

Daddy's home!
And that reflection is...

Our dog Day! Or his feet anyway...

Feet :3
Daddy in the fort...

So weird to see photos of our house, I rearrange furniture all the time and it's just, weird. Our house is definitely a lot cuter now!

Do you have a budding photographer in your house?

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  1. Brilliant, yes, you probably saw my son's random photo on IG the other day, hilarious aren't they. Love Vince's thigh photo :)


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