KCWC Day 3: Vincent's Torso

By ari - October 11, 2012

I didn't get the chance to post these before I headed to Brisbane yesterday, so here you go.

By the way, my sister & her hubby are having a girl! It's going to get ridiculous around here!

I have about 3 metres of this tiger print fabric that I got from the op-shop. St Vinnie's here always always ALWAYS has the best second hand fabrics. Good prices too.

Inspired by this sweater and this tee, I decided to make Vince a shirt with shoulder patches. It's almost lie a raglan-sleeved shirt but with regular set-in sleeves. Next time I need the make the shoulder's 'wider' as in more over the front and more down the back but I'm quite pleased with how this worked!

I used Rae's Flashback Skinny Tee pattern. It's perfect. Do yourself a favour and get yourself this pattern. It's a fantastic base pattern and I can see it being used over and over for Vincent and Edison.

I made one of the sleeves a tiger face with some felt for the nose, buttons eyes, stitched in the mouth & whiskers and stitched in little ears in the sleeve seam.

He LOVES this shirt and apparently he needs me to make him a tiger mask.

We also made a shirt together! I got Vincent to draw on some sandpaper with his crayons. He chose green and drew a sun. I went over it with his crayon, as heavy as I could to get as much crayon wax on the sandpaper as possible.

Then we ironed it onto a store-bought tee {Plain tees for $3 at Big W? Yes thanks! *stencils!*}. When i peeled off the sandpaper, the crayon was transferred onto the tee!

This was the perfect craft to do together, and I plan on doing this for a Crafternoon next week!

Yesterday morning I woke up to THE GREATEST EMAIL I could have gotten and in celebration Tim is buying me an SLR camera! HOORAY! I can't tell you anything about it until January, but let me tell you this - It's a dream come true!

xx ya'll. Vince is at family daycare tomorrow and usually on Fridays I plan to hang with Eddie & sew but I usually go off gallavanting around the countryside with my girl in tow. REALLY want to sew though.

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  1. The sun looks awesome!!! I love the effect that the sandpaper gives. Hope you don't mind, but I've pinned that idea for future reference. The tiger t-shirt looks great, too.

  2. I love the tiger tee - awesome fabric!

  3. I love the face on the sleeve! What a great detail.

  4. That shirt you made together is such an adorable idea!

  5. I LOVE the tiger face, what a great little detail!

  6. I love the tiger t-shirt and the fact that the face is on the sleeve. My boys would be running around all the time trying to eat each other. So cute!

  7. I absolutely adore that sun t-shirt! What a cool idea - and even cuter because Vince drew the sun. :)

  8. I loved that little sun shirt what a brilliant idea!

  9. Okay, tiger shirt: amazing as always! Perfectly you. And I am so happy and proud you were a Whimsy Couture pattern tester!! You lucky dog! That's so cool!!!
    And yeay on the DSLR! I just got one for my birthday last month!! And OMG, I want to know your news!!!!!!! I don't want to wait till January! Please spill the beans (or email me ;-) hahahha... btw, I just changed up my hair for fall here... Navy blue, Plum Mahogany, and the tips are orange, teal, more navy, and dark green.


  10. What?! That sandpaper crayon transfer is awesome!


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