KCWC Favourites: Part 1

By ari - October 09, 2012

There's so much inspiring stuff in the Elsie Marley Flickr pool for Kids Clothing Week! Here's some of my favourites that have been uploaded so far! Go check out their blogs for more details!

You & Mie made this cute 'Crossed Shoulder Vest', which is something similar to what I was thinking of making Vincent this week but with a hood! She used a Japanese pattern book for how to make it, but you could totally adapt Dana's 90 minute shirt tutorial to suit. I've got a pattern for one of these style shirts but as a onesie, I think they're called lapped shoulder, or even envelope-neck.

Suburbia Soup made two of these CUTE hooded scarves with ears. The execution in these is so perfect. I've been wanting to make Vincent one for ages, maybe next winter.

SO in love with this print and the style of this skirt made by Juliamom2009! I don't know if Eddie is too little for this kind of a-line deal, It might be more for when she's big enough to walk? Anyway the pattern is Sunday Brunch by Oliver and S.

This tunic is ADORABLE. I love it so much, and the fabric too! When I headed over to the Silver Spoons and Lining blog to leave a comment {I like commenting on things I like and read, because I know how special I feel when you guys comment on my projects!}, I realised she's written a tutorial for it! Ellie is planning on uploading the pattern later this week, which will go immediately on my To Do pile!

Iene-Miene made this ADORABLE skirt. I love the tie, I love the waistband and I love that fabric!

Marci Girl Designs made possibly THE GREATEST PYJAMAS IN THE WORLD. I don't know whether I would even make Vince a pair of these, because I just want a pair for myself! I'm not sure why I don't have this Star Wars and DC Comics and Marvel fabric that's been going around for the past year... I beter rectify that situation!

And anothery for the trendy boys, Groovybaby... and Mama made these cute sweatpants. Seriously, Trine is like ruling the sweatpants sector. And her kids are so darn COOL.

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