Kids Clothing Week Challenge - October 2012

By ari - October 04, 2012

It's on again!

Last time I was sewing things for the little girl who wasn't born yet. This time I have my little girl out and ready! I can also obviously sew for her amazing big brother. ALSO their new little cousin Ziva, and the baby on the way Sprout thanks to my sister Betty :) Good work on that Betty.

Some of the favourite things I churned out for KCWC in april.
Check out everything I've made for KCWC here.

I was sick about a fortnight ago, so all the posts you've been seeing have been pre-scheduled. It's like subconsciously I knew it would happen. Anyway, since then I've lost my sewing mojo :< The Mummy hoodie was the last thing I sewed. I tried getting my act together for the rest of Project Run & Play but I just have no inspiration and no energy. POO!

Hopefully I pick myself up before Kids Clothing Week y'all! Check back in the next few days for some inspiration posts on what I hope to make!

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  1. What is this Kid's Clothing Week Challenge of which you speak???? I've been missing seeing your stuff on the PR&P sew along. I am so sorry you were sick - I hate being sick, it just throws everything off! Hugs from across the sea ~ Suzanne

  2. Hope you feel better soon! Looking forward to seeing some cute girl stuff come out of your sewing machine!


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