76 Free patterns & tutorials for BOYS pants & shorts!

By ari - November 11, 2012

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76 free tutorials & patterns for little boys shorts and pants
Updated 8 November, 2012

This masterlist contains free patterns you can print and free tutorials that show you how to make things! The patterns are organised first, by size, and then at the bottom of the post are all the tutorials. If you use any of these tutorials or patterns, make sure you follow the 'rules' that the blogger who wrote them may have set out {IE if you can sell items you have made, pinning photos of their kids etc}. I haven't written these patterns or tutorials {except the ones that link back to here of course}, only collected them!

Newborn Patterns

{0-3 months}

1. Basic Newborn Pants, 2. Reversible knit pants {3-6mths}, 3. Newborn knit pants, 4. Monkey Pants {2-7mths}

5. Fleece pull up pants, 6. Pull up pants

Baby Patterns


1. Skinny Pants {6mths}, 2. Knit Baby pants, 3. Overalls, 4. Pull up Pants

5. Shorts, 6. Shorts

Toddler Patterns

1T-2T {12-24 months}

1. Skinny Jeans {18mths}, 2. Summer Shorts {2T}, 3. Kid Pants {2-3T}, 4. Lani Overalls {2-3T}

5. Slim Slack {2-3T}, 6. Sweatpants, 7. Jeans {2-3T}

Boy 3T+ Patterns

{36 months+}

1. Baggies, 2. Rapid Shorts, 3. basic Boy shorts {4T}, 4. Harem Pants {3T}

5. Shorts {3T}, 6. Shortalls {3T}, 7. Fold-Up cuff pants {3T}

All Ages Patterns

Patterns with several sizings

1. Cargo pants {0-1T}, 2. Sarouels {2T-8}, 3. Nautical pants {2-5T}, 4. Daniel Trousers {2T-8}

5. Any Day banded shorts {2-5T}


Tutorials on making patterns using your child's measurements

Tabby Pocket Shorts, Retro Racer shorts, Suspender Pants, Low n Lazy loungies

Kingston Patch jeansAngled colour-blocked pantsPacman pants, Skinny Cuffed trousers

Toddler Sarouels, Swim trunks {boardies}, Oxford gent, Brooksy Boy Overalls

Tasku shorts, Rockstar Pants, Pieced Pants, Refashioned Slim Slack

Watch me jump - shorts, Pocket for my Pocket shorts, Toddler Shorts, Contrast Cuff pants

Kid Pants, Flat font Kid pants, Lined Kid pants, Kid pants with pockets

Kid shorts, Knee-Pad Kid pants, Cuffed shorts, back button shorts

Button-Fly Pants, Big Pants to Little Pants, Boys Cargo, Boardies

Kids Skinny Jeans, Lazy Day lounge pants, Basic Boy Pants {with pockets}, Sailor Shorts

Scarf Leggings, Basic shorts, Sleeve Shorts, Fisherboy Shorts

Recycled Sweater Pants, Dungarees, Bandanna pants, Colour-Blocked Kids pants

Convertible Cargo pants

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  1. Aw, thank you for including mine! This list is AMAZING! I'm afraid to pin it because I'm going to get emails filling up my inbox "so and so pinned this" lol

  2. What?! You totally rock! Love this list!!!

  3. 1. You are amazing for taking the time to do this. This is an amazing resource!
    2. Thank you for linking to my shirts pattern!

  4. so I have decided that since this list is so phenomenal, you should also do a shirt round up, just saying - it would save me work ;op

  5. Thx. So much patterns in one place.. OMG !!! :D :D :D you've made my day :)


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