Chambray Sugarplum

By ari - November 19, 2012

I was lucky enough to win the Sugarplum Top pattern by See Kate Sew this morning! I squeed when I realised, and she emailed me the pattern straight away!

Ten minutes before naptime I pieced together my pattern pieces and started to cut them out of fabric. I really love this combination, and I've used it before to make a skirt for my friend's baby. I've been hoarding both the chambray and the cute cowboys & indians vintage-style fabric for a really long time. No project seemed good enough for it but as soon as I saw the Sugarplum Top I knew their time had come!

I decided to just stick to the pattern design first, do it right for the first time then I can figure out different lengths and decorations.

Well I absolutely love it. I had no ribbon for the shoulder ties, so I just made some folded over strips of the chambray and used them. They're a little stiff, but still look cute!

She vomited all over it by the way, for about 20 minutes. She does this with everything I make for her, so it's a good sign. This time I was clever enough to take photos BEFORE I took her anywhere. High five mama!

I really REALLY love this pattern, and I was going to buy it today! I went onto Kate's blog to see if there were any valid discount codes and then I realised I had won one! HURRAY!

The pattern comes with four different styles: a peplum top, a Sugarplum dress, the Very Gathered Top or the Very Gathered Dress. I think I made the Very Gathered Top... It's so darn cute! I mad it up in the 6 months size, just to make sure it would fit her, but I'll making another in the 3 month size for my sister's daughter {due March 1!}. This came together in a few hours, I managed to finish it during Vincent's entire nap {epic 3 hours. Yes it's fantastic}. The pattern is just $8 and is emailed to you instantly to download & print. I had a bit of difficulty piecing the skirt pattern piece together, but that would have changed if I had have read the piecing instructions ^_^.  it comes in NINE sizes! This is one of the things i LOVE about buying pdf patterns you can download and print yourself. I pieced the pattern together then cut it out in the 6 month size. If I want the next size up, I just print it again. YOU CAN'T DO THAT WITH COMMERCIAL PATTERNS IN THE STORE. Love.

Eddie is 19 weeks old today! That's almost five months! She's a beautiful baby, generous with her smiles. She doesn't vomit as much as she used to, it was like every time you looked at her she'd be vomiting. There's nothing wrong with her, and she's not in pain, she's just a puker! She still does the tongue thing, not as much anymore, but she still sticks it out. I love her little quirks! She's so kooky! I'm thinking of making this dress up in black and white for her 4 month {yes I'm slow} Wednesday Addams dress photo.

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  1. A gorgeous little top, Max and I love your choice of fabric!!!

  2. What cute vintage fabric! &also LUCKY YOU, I have been blogging/signing up for giveaways for almost two years and have yet to win anything. I truly don't have very good luck when it comes to those things. BUT i did win the new Christina Aguilara cd the other day from the radio. Now I need to find someone who likes her to give it to?? lol

    Last thing; I swear by pdf patterns as well. I've honestly become so obsessed that I can make such good use out of each and every one!

    Can't wait to see the other pieces you make. :)


  3. I love it!! Such great fabrics you chose. Happy 19 weeks Eddie! So funny that she threw up all over it, such is life, right!? :)

  4. Ridiculous cute babe and top. Love the fabric combo Max!

  5. Yes, she is really cute. And the dress is awesome. My boy was a puker, too. Everything was full with milk. Just follow the milky way and you will find him :D
    Best wishes, Anni!

  6. Eddie is growing so fast! She's so big and beautiful!

  7. Ummmm totally cute. Sorry about the vomit. But the dress? Total win. Cute cute cute....

  8. O.M.G. That little girl is the cutest patootenest patootie! (Yes, that is the official term.) Love the dress, love that cute face! Haha, Maggie is a "happy spitter" as well. So. Much. Puke.


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