Eddie's Swimsuit

By ari - November 06, 2012

Excuse me, but..

Yes that got your attention didn't it! How delicious does my little chunky cupcake look in her new swimsuit!

I made her a Harley Quinn bikini when she was very little, but Tim wasn't too keen on bikinis on little girls. He bought me metres and metres of this awesome striped lycra for our wedding anniversary and so i had a look around for a swimsuit pattern for a very small baby!

The Peekaboo Pattern Shop delivered {again}! The pattern was very simple and the instructions easy to follow! The swimsuit came together pretty easily, I was very happy with it! I lined this swimsuit with the same lycra as the outside, since I didn't have much of any other colour.

And then I thought I would freeball a hat.

See I've made sunhats before, like little sailor hats, so I didn't think I'd have much trouble.

But maybe I should have taken the time to use a pattern.

It was Vince's daycare day, and I had about half an hour before I went to pick him up. I made the crown, realised it was too small, added a strip around it to make it longer, then added this funny folded over gathered thing that could be a brim.

Voila, hilarious floppy hat! She looks like a mushroom.

I made it out of lycra so it could get wet and wouldn't be a problem. And also so it would match the swimsuit.

I used the Waikiki one-piece pattern from the Peekaboo Pattern shop! It was perfect sizing, and goes from 3months to 12 years! The pattern was quite inexpensive, especially for something that is going to get a lot of wear! I'll be able to make all her swimsuits now, and they're one piece so Daddy will be happy!

And at Southbank with her preggo Aunty Betty, slathered in suncream and very very tired. I love her unimpressed face. Actually it's more of a 'I'll tolerate this, barely' face.

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  1. love it - I think that is the best swim suit I've seen!!! And she is getting so big - they grow up fast.

  2. What a cutie! that is one amazing outfit, I want one in grown-up size! x

  3. Man, you are having fun having a girl aren't you! haha! SO cute!

  4. Oh, wow. She is so freaking cute! Cutest mushroom ever. (That hat is too hilarious! It looks like something someone very bold might wear to church on Easter Sunday.)

  5. Man, every time I see Eddie I flip my shit over how gorgeous she is! She looks adorable in that little swimsuit, and I don't think the hat turned out too bad. Laughing my ass off at her unimpressed face - you could totally make a meme out of that!

  6. That is one super cutie patootie! I am loving that bathing ensemble!

  7. Oh my word! She and her new suit are absolutely adorable!!!

  8. Holy S***! She is so CUTE! That first picture is killing me!! What a totally rockin' ensemble!!! I love this!

  9. Oh My Gosh! I love this so much!

  10. SHUT UP!!! I just saw this on a linky party and freaked out.....Love this so much---that fabric is AWESOME and those chunky baby legs are adorable!

  11. So cute!! I just hopped over from PR & P to scout out the competition and was pleasantly surprised to see a few of my patterns over here :) Glad you've been enjoying them and good luck in the contest!


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