Masterlist: Free Patterns & Tutorials for Boys' shirts and jackets

By ari - November 07, 2012

Remember when I did all these masterlists for girls' clothing in celebration of Edison's birth? 
Well now it's the boys' turn!

If you scroll to the bottom of this page, you will find ALL the masterlists I have made

85 FREE patterns & tutorials for little boy shirts and jackets
Updated 7, November 2012

This masterlist contains free patterns you can print and free tutorials that show you how to make things! The patterns are organised first, by size, and then at the bottom of the post are all the tutorials. If you use any of these tutorials or patterns, make sure you follow the 'rules' that the blogger who wrote them may have set out {IE if you can sell items you have made, pinning photos of their kids etc}. I haven't written these patterns or tutorials {except the ones that link back to here of course}, only collected them!

Newborn Patterns

{0-3 months}

Baby Patterns


Toddler Patterns

1T-2T {12-24 months}

Boy 3T+ Patterns

{36 months+}

All Ages Patterns

Patterns with several sizings

***For ottobre patterns, use this chart

Shirts & Tees Tutorials

Tutorials on making shirts and t-shirts using your child's measurements

Jackets & Hoodies Tutorials

Tutorials on making jackets and hoodies using your child's measurements

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  1. Max! I can't pin the main image :(

  2. this is such an AWESOME compilation! Thanks ;o)

  3. Argh, these are all totally adorable! I can't wait to get some more sewing done!

  4. Amazing. This is so incredibly helpful!
    thank you.

  5. Thank you so much for being so generous with these amazing patterns and tutorials!!! They're fantastic!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing all these fabulous tutorials!!! They're fantastic, and you're a fantastic Mum!!!

  7. Nice apparel for childhood thanks dear for share this splendid tutorial i like all shirts and jackets.

  8. I like childhood clothes thanks for share this tutorial i like it all shirts and jackets.


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