Saturday, 1 December 2012

I Heart Nerds

It's true.

My husband isn't terribly nerdy, but myself and Vincent are.

I got this shirt from an op-shop a year or so ago, and I wore it a bit. Now I don't really wear shirts. I mean I DO wear shirts but they are usually plain black shirts to go with all my leggings. It's easier to get dressed in the morning when I can grab a favourite pair of leggings {or in this weather, denim shorts}and then grabbing a shirt to match when they are all black.

So this shirt went to my t-shirt surgery pile for a few months. When Dana released her free pattern for Baby Tanks, this shirt fell out of the cupboard on me.

I really love this pattern! I'm going to make her a heap of plain ones to go with all her cute shorts and skirts. It's a perfect little top, and there are three variations you can make from the same pattern.

Also lengthening it into a little tunic dress is on the books too.

Dana's pattern was easy to use. It is sized 6-12 months and Eddie was 4 months in these photos. I can see this pattern getting a bit of a workout! It looks so comfortable too. I really want one for myself!

Oh guess what guys! My in-laws bought me probably the greatest present ever... A DSLR CAMERA! I squealed and nearly cried and then took photos of everything everywhere. I LOVE it. So expect the photo quality on this blog to get a whole lot better :)

Check back tomorrow for a rad shirt I made Vincent {If you're a fan of the fb page you have already seen it!}. I'm guest-posting over at Project Run & Play and there will be a free pattern to download for it too!

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  1. So cute! Did you have to make the pattern smaller?

  2. New Camera?? WOOOHOOO! Deliacreates blog had a great tutorial series on DSLR camera's that helped me use mine much better. Can't wait to see all the great photos!


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