Two sugarplums in two Sugarplums

By ari - December 04, 2012

After falling in absolute love with the Sugarplum Top pattern by See Kate Sew when I made it for Edison here, I decided that for our Family Day I would make matching dresses for Eddie and her cousin as presents.

Edison with Uncle Rob
I went to Spotlight a few weeks back with my sister and found this CUTE fabric. The sale signs fooled us, and while we thought we were grabbing MASSIVE BARGAINS OF FABRIC for $3/m, it was actually $3/m OFF the price. Or something like that. We were not very impressed but we came away with some cute fabrics anyway. I got this cute panda fabric, one in pink and one in blue, and another fabric that is the same style as these but it is yellow and has little frogs.

So I made two more Sugarplum Tops, but as dresses. I used the full length of them and lined the bodice in white. They are both the 6 months size, but for Edison's head didn't fit through her neckhole very well! Even though the previous version of this dress fit her perfectly. Either I made an error in my sewing or my baby's brain grew... haha.

Ziva is two months old, and as you can see the 6 month sizing fits her pretty well with lots of room for growing. She's a tall girl!

Ziva talking to her Nanny

Next time I make this for Eddie, I might add a small slit and button in the back, or in the front. I think now I know this pattern well I can start deviating from it and adding my own design features.

Baby Ziva is almost three months younger than Edison, but she is catching up in height and weight! They could not be more different!

I think my favourite part of the dress is the cute little frilled sleeves.


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  1. Literally the cutest dresses ever!

  2. I love these dresses. I love that they are coordinating but not matching.

  3. oh these are so cute! (the dresses and the babies!!) thanks for posting about them! I will feature them soon!


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