Project Run & Play: Week 1: The Tea Party Romper!

By ari - January 11, 2013

Edit: You can find the Project Run & Play entry for this look here

Well friends, today is THE day! The designs are up, the polls are open, Project Run & Play: Season 6 is well under way!

Here is my entry! {You can vote for it here, but read on for a million more pics and how I made it}

Week 1's challenge was a Pattern Remix, of The Party Dress!

I remixed it into a romper suit for my girl Edison. I kept the existing bodice, omitted the sash, added a Peter Pan collar and turned the skirt into legs.

Well when I put it like that it sounds simple!

I was pretty pleased that she learned how to sit just a few weeks ago! Don't worry, Tim was JUST out of frame in most of the photos, so she wasn't going to get hurt if she toppled.


That photo just above is my favourite. Daddy's hand is always going to guide you little babe 

For the accessories I made a bandanna that has elastic sew inside so it would stretch to go on her head, but still sits snugly around it.

I also made little shoes, in the green, and lined with the black floral fabric. They close with a little snap on the strap. I used the Charlotte Mary Janes pattern {which is now only $2 at the moment!}. It's the second time I've made shoes from the cute I Think Sew patterns. I really love them!

I really should spend more time making Eddie shoes, she only has 34 pairs {not even close to joking} but if I made them she would have matching for EVERY outfit!

The free pattern is from 18months to 5. The 18month old pattern was missing a piece, so since I was resizing the whole thing down to fit a 6 month old, I had to draft the missing piece. And then resize it. It was a bit of an adventure just getting the pattern looking right, before I even thought about sewing!

I decided to make the dress up in the 18month old size first. Just so I had the actual thing in my hands and could figure out how to remix it {even though I was pretty sure I would turn it into something with legs!}

Pretty cute! Just needs buttons. It's simple, but I just wanted a mock-up of the dress. I was kinda surprised at the finished sizing though, it seemed like it wouldn't be much difference to resize it to fit Edison.

So I resized it, and drafted up some legs. I did a similar sized rectangle as for the skirt, but a tiny bit smaller. I sketched an arch from the centre front fold down to the 'hem'. I had no idea what it would look like all made up but I needed a starting point!

It turned out really well construction-wise. A bit too short in the body for my chunkin, it would be a perfect for a 4 month old! The pants went to her ankles too and her little feet slid in through the cuffs no problems.

I was going to do a full collar, but I didn't really like the idea of a split collar at the back for the back opening, so I turned the Peter pan collar I was adding into a half collar, stopping at the shoulder-seams. {For some Peter Pan collar trivia, check out this post on my FB page!}

I kept the original back, the loops and the self-covered buttons were really cute, and a style I never have done before. The bodice of the romper is lined in green broadcloth.

The legs puff out and cuff in just under her knee. I had to do that band 3 times! I severely underestimated my girl's porky calves! They close with a self-covered button too.

The fabric is just printed cotton poplin from Spotlight. A lot of our Spotlight fabrics I've notices have 'printed especially for Spotlight Australia' on it, which is kinda cool, and kind of explains why I don't see many of these crazy awesome designer fabrics whenever I got fabric shopping!

I took the majority of the photos at the Japanese Gardens at the university here. It was so bright and I'm still trying to sort out my DSLR but I think the photos look alright! As soon as we got there I'd been racking my brains for a name for the romper, it's the hardest thing I find about creating stuff is trying to NAME them.

Anyway we got to the Gardens and I suddenly thought of like a picnic, with old teacups. Tim didn't want to drive home to get them so I took the pics, then took more the next day in my parent's backyard on the crocheted blanket that was mine as a baby {it still has prickles in it}. Those mismatched teacups are my mum's that she bought for my wedding for our guests to drink from.

All of the teddies in the photos are Edison's. Specifically bought for HER, not hand me downs. This is rare as most of her toys are Vincent's old ones, or someone else's kid's old ones!

On Sunday I'll post some cute little out-takes from the photoshoots. Am I the only one who feels like a complete and utter idiot for calling it a photoshoot? I'm not a professional photographer. Do I sound like a jerk? I don't care really, I took photos. It was an event. Haha!

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  1. Eeeeeee! I love this! The ballooning at the legs and the cuff bands are my favorite. Live the shoes and the headband. Awesome

  2. I've never thought of doing a half collar... great idea and an awesome romper!!!

  3. Okay, Max, you have to know that this is the most adorable romper! I love, love your unexpected use of color. The green accent is perfect with the peter pan collar and bandana. Awesome job! (Your little one is precious!)

  4. the dress with the octopus fabric is to die for!!!
    love the green in the romper.
    great remix!

  5. I love the idea of turning it into a romper! I laughed out loud at the porky baby calves comment :) I absolutely love it when little babies and toddlers wear black because it is so different from the norm and looks so classy.

  6. So cute!! Nothing like chunky baby legs in a romper :)

  7. No comments yet!? You might be sleeping on that hemisphere I just realized lol. Well here's one: great idea! adorable outfit. Super duper sweet set, and oh yeah, I'm drinking my morning coffee right now, do you think I could have Edison with a spot of jam on the side? Love.


  8. THis is adorable! and I would call it a photoshoot! its for your website and a contest and well for you and your family! It looks awesome and she is the cutest lil thing!

  9. Love your whole - look, those shoes are to die for!!! Would you believe the design I 'almost' made was a romper with a peter pan collar, now that would have been funny ;op I also love your whale dress, she'll get tons of use out of that next year!!!

  10. I absolutely adore what you did with this (and all of your stuff) and I voted for you!

  11. Adorable look Max! I voted for you :). I really like the little details you added like the buttons on the legs closures and the sweet little shoes and headband.

  12. Oh my goodness! Super cute! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE that octopus fabric. Where did you get it?

  13. Oh that is super cute! I am popping over right now to vote. Good luck! I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

  14. Ari, this is adorable! I LOVE that floral fabric....and the shoes and headband.
    Really cute!

  15. Love it! The romper is a perfect conversion for your little one.

  16. It's so fun to see what you made Max, and your little one is so cute!

  17. loved your remix. the whole outfit is just fun..and you little girl is to die for! amazing.

  18. The remix into a romper is awesome and I love that fabric and the pop of green. Your baby girl is certainly a cutie!

  19. Ari, this is amazing! What a stunning entry for Week 1. You are very creative and it's so well done. I am really stoked about how you have taken up my hobby of sewing absolutely everything. No project too small. I am extremely impressed and say Well Done!! From your mum.

  20. I mean it doesn't hurt that you have the cutest baby on earth! I love what you made!! Very creative and I love the fabric. Can't wait to see what's next.

  21. WOWSERS MAX! You don't muck around. Firstly, congrats on making it into PR&P. Second, Edison is impossibly cute, thirdly, love your new blog design and fourth, well that's a might cute romper. This is your year!

  22. So perfect and beautiful! I definitely voted for you :)

  23. I love how much attention you put into this outfit. It´s incredibly cute!!!!! Congratulations Max, I really hope to see more of your sewing.

  24. Ooops, finally getting round to commenting. I absolutely love this whole outfit - it's adorable and I really liked reading about the whole process you went through to design it. Your daughter is just so adorable.


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