The TeaParty Romper: Outtakes

By ari - January 13, 2013

I had to share with you some cute photos of Edison from the photoshoot of the Tea Party Romper!

She only just learned how to sit up about a fortnight earlier, and still was a little unsteady. It was so cute! This one she saved herself and her little legs came back down.

This one she didn't save herself...

And since she's a baby, she's exploring ALL the time. Anything that she could grab, she would grab. There were a billion photos of daddy patiently pulling twigs and grass out of her hands and away from her curious little mouth...

But Dad I REALLY want it!
Tim & my mum were fantastic assistants while I snapped away. Tim always RIGHT there for Eddie when she looked wobbly.

Oh and we took my intro post photos the same day. I was nervous, Tim is very good at taking not good photos of me. Out of focus, while I'm talking, or with his finger in the way. He surprised me and did really well! {thanks Baby!} This was my favourite.

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  1. Oh my gosh, everyone in the family has the same hairstyle! I'm loving Edison's baby combover.

  2. These outtakes are so dang cute! Eddie is such a little character - my fave is the photo of her laying on her back after falling over. She looks like she's trying to work out how she got there!

  3. She is just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing these pics - they so made me smile. You got my vote - the whole look was just lovely!

  4. I love the fabric you used! Your daughter is gorgeous and I love all the pics! Good luck on PR&P!

  5. Haha OMG she is so tiny. I often forget how small babies are until I see them against their dad's arms!

    I voted for ya, how could I not?! I absolutely got blown away by the first three entries (yours included). SO CUTE! *clucky*

  6. i love your PR&P look! the green is awesome with that print.... well done! -Erin

  7. Oh my gosh, Edison is so freaking adorable. Look at those chubby cheeks! And calves! She is round and delicious!! NOM NOM NOM! (You look great too, mama!)

  8. She is such a good natured baby and so cute! I am sorry that I have been lame in the comment department but I've been rooting for you all along and am in AWE of you. You are an amazing talent with a beautiful, beautiful family!


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