Celebrate the Boy!

By ari - February 27, 2013

So it's the third year of Celebrating the Boy! Way back when Vince was a little baby, Dana and Rae started this cool series with nothing but tutorials and inspiration for Boy clothes! It was so perfect, and really kick-started me into sewing for Vincent! You can check out the archives for previous years here and here.

Hopefully I'll be able to get some sewing for Vinnie done this year, after Project Run & Play he's pretty over me making things for him {it's the measuring him & the taking photos part he hates now} so I've been working on some cute little things for Edison instead.  I DO have some stuff cut out and half-sewn up, I don't care what Vinnie says, I like making him clothes ^_^

Here is a little post of things I have made, and things I have written tutorials about that is just for Boys! Don't forget I also have a few masterlists {I need to update all of them soon!} of free shirt & jacket patterns & tutorials here, and also a masterlist of free pants and shorts patterns & tutorials here.

You can also check out my Pinterest boards here for:


Make a trendy toddler slouch beanie with this free pattern & tutorial!

Make a dapper-looking tuxedo tee! {Pattern - 3T}

Liven up a plain t-shirt with this dripping pocket tutorial

Necks can stay warm quickly & easily with this Toddler Cowl scarf tutorial!

Turn a t-shirt into a Hooded Hipster Singlet {with 3T pattern}

Keep him snuggly & warm in his own college jacket

You can't go wrong with a Robin shirt! This thing now has popped seams, is pilky as heck and the sleeves are too short. It's so hard to get on him but he LOVES it to death. Time for me to make a new Robin shirt I think! Check out the tutorial here

T-Shirt + Button-Up shirt = Landon Shirt tutorial

Potty-training? Cut up some old tees to make him some cute little man boxer briefs {Size 2T pattern}

Here is a tutorial for a faux henley tee!

Make some comfy fleece shorts with the Watch me Jump! shorts tutorial...

Old pants into new suspender pants! Chim Chiminey Chim Chiminey...

Make a little cardigan for the guy!

Make your little prince a crown! {tutorial & free pattern}

Make a Nightwing tee! Subtle, but geek cred!

Redo some old jeans and make them Kingston Rossdale style ^_^

Here is a tutorial for a bathrobe/dressing gown!


When Vinnie was too little to fit into any store-bought raincoats. I cut an adult sized one up & made a dinosaur one for him!

I made a basic t-shirt, and added a tiger face {with ears!} to one of the sleeves! It's subtle, but cute.

Turn two thrifted sweaters into one super super easily!

Vinnie's blue military jacket, gold bat shirt & black drop-crotch ninja pants won me Project Run & Play!

Turn a meme into a tee ^_^ Sad Keanu!

With a bit of an effort & a lot of cutting, how about a Mummy hoodie?

Accesorise with a perler bead/hama bead bow tie! Pattern at the bottom of this post

I used the DBS baggies pattern {free} to make these from an old shirt for Vin.

With this guy, you can't go wrong with a superhero tee {cape attached ^_^}

Old jeans & patches turned into a punk vest

Make a Superman hoodie! This thing has been worn to bits & when he grew out of it I had to make him a new one!

Some cute fabric & clever stitching can turn into some adorable button-up shirts!


Can't find the fabric you want? Why don't you paint it, like I did with these pants!

Using crayons & sandpaper, Vincent drew a sun & I transferred it onto a blank shirt for him! It washes & stays!

I made Vincent's first ever blazer from red tartan with teal lining!

I've promised and I swear that one day I will write a tutorial for these Greasemonkey coveralls!


Make a cool little guy suit, that isn't like an suit you can buy!

I used the Skinny Jeans pattern to make some skinny shorts for Vin


Freezer paper stencilling can turn anything into something, like these Wiggles tees the boys wore to the Wiggles concert!

Or this Strong Man singlet!

I used old t-shirts and a pair of Tim's boxer shorts to make this urban Hoodie for Vin

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  1. Yay! I want to get started on my next little capsule wardrobe for my little man - I figure if I start now, then it will be ready by the time he needs it!

  2. Woah so many amazing outfits! that military jacket is so cool. I love boy's sewing, I have made my boy some very enviable outfits too xx

  3. I would love a tutorial on that greasemonkey coverall, its gorgeous!!!!
    Your work is always fabulous :)

  4. What a collection!!!! So much eye candy and OMG baby vin!!!! Now I think I know what Eddie will grow up to look like! Those coverall are friggin awesome! Reminds me of the Venture Brothers. Do you know that show?? This is epically awesome. Ha! Using your word xoxoxox


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