Project Run & Play: LoveCats

By ari - February 01, 2013

Edit: You can find the Project Run & Play entry for this look here

We're so wonderfully wonderfully wonderfully pretty!

It wasn't until I was working on the romper that I knew that I would call this outfit Lovecats! Hearts & kitties feature on this vintage-look fabric I used for the pinafore dress so it just made sense. Also I taught Vince to sing along to the Ba ba-da da da da da-da part while I worked.

You can vote for your favourite Love is in the Air look here

This week's theme for Project Run & Play was Love is in the Air. It didn't take me long to decide I wanted  to use this fabric in my stash. It has hearts on it. And kitties! And it's NOT PINK. Ticking all the boxes you guys!

I made a two-piece {or is it 3-piece including the shoes?} set for Eddie this week! And the best part is that both pieces work really well as stand alones! I made a backless romper with a wide peterpan collar and a dress with a heart-shaped bib. I also made little mary jane slippers with cat faces.

The Romper

The romper was such a fun piece, once it was done. I made it up three times trying to perfect each detail. In the end I was able to make the romper pattern ONE PIECE. Yep. It has two joining seams: one down the centre back at the bottom and one at the crotch. 

It is a plain vanilla colour and features a wide peter pan collar that does up behind her neck with a button and a loop. The neckline is bound with matching super-thin bias-tape. 
The romper is backless with some elastic around her little waist in the back to keep the bottom closed & snug over her nappy. At first, the front gaped a lot at the sides, but I eliminated the gape by creating a dart in the pattern and then pivoting it out {it is my super geeky pattern-making fun part}. It wasn't until after I did that that I realised I could make it one pattern piece. Earlier versions had it a little trapezoid-shape top attached to some diaper cover bottoms, which was totally fine but I knew it would look better without a seam across the front waist.

The inside of the romper is the fancy part! I appliquéd a heart to the inside on the chest. On the heart I had written Edison and with an arrow through it in chalk, and then carefully machine-stitched over it. Then I attached the heart to the romper lining and lowered the feed dogs on my machine and removed the presser foot. Carefully moving the lining in circles I did this pretty loopy lace-like effect!

I love how it turned out, and I love that it is on the inside as a little secret to Eddie. The outside is nice and plain and is going to be super versatile in her wardrobe. We can just throw a skirt on or little pants and she has an outfit, or even one of her numerous dresses, with the peterpan collar peeking over the top and her nappy covered it's a fantastic base.

This is the reason I wanted it backless. Those back rolls man! Cute on zee baby - on mama... not so much.

The Dress

The dress is quite simple, and I had it done up before I even started the boy pieces for the last two weeks!
The skirt is a rectangle, gathered up for extra fullness. A second rectangle in pink was gathered up into an underskirt to make it even extra full! It wasn't foofy enough though so gathered tulle was stitched onto the hem of the underskirt. Yeh. Foof complete.

The top skirt is hemmed with this cute decorative heirloom-type stitch. It took a long time on my machine, but it was worth it! I love the effect!

The skirt has a small waistband, and sits flat at the front. There is elastic from side-seam to side-seam across the back to keep it snug against her back. It sits just above the romper, making the backless effect complete.

The front of the skirt has a bib in the shape of a heart.

A small strip of fabric with buttons attached was made into a strap, I stitched buttonholes onto the heart bib so that the strap couldn't fasten to the dress and become a halterneck. The ends of the strap have several buttons so that when she grows we can adjust it. Not sure if that is going to work, because the skirt is pretty short as it is. Are chest-tutus in yet?

The Shoes

Using the Charlotte Mary Jane's pattern again, I made these Kitty shoes for Eddie! Oh man they were fun! I used the same vanilla-coloured fabric as the romper for the outside & the strap, lining them in white felt. I wanted something sturdier on the inside because I knew that I would be 'embroidering' little kitty faces onto them so they needed some stability.

Before sewing them together, I made teensy tiny little kitty ears and made two slashes in each shoe upper. Then I slid the ears and pinched the fabric together and stitched it. Then i sewed the shoes up and 'embroidered'the kitty faces.

Yeh see how 'embroidered' keeps happening in commas? That's because I can't embroider. Just like I can't knit and I can't crochet, so when I attempt these things I feel like it is bad of me to claim that I 'embroidered' or 'crocheted' or 'knitted' anything. Maybe I'm trying not to offend you guys who actually can do those handcrafts? Anyway I like the way they came out!

The Outtakes

So I had this cute idea in my head of taking a photo of Eddie with my cat Jack and mum's cat Percy... 

This is our cat Jackasaurus Rex. Eddie is all "what the heck are you doing on my blanket dude..."


Children + Animals = Not an easy photo to set up.

Especially two cats. 

So my mum thought she should give them some food to make them sit still.

She wasn't upset at the cats, just that she had been plonked down and she doesn't like that anymore. Clingy baby is clingy & I am more than happy to oblige the little snugglepot . But yeh, cat food isn't so attractive...

And then when the cats realised they were involved, Percy got all up in my face and loved up my camera...

Thanks for the close-up Perce.

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  1. So cute. She looks way more excited to model for you than Vinnie did at that age. Love the back rolls!

  2. Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,. the cuteness, I can't look away - those kitty shoes (which are obviously kitties - SO.DANG.CUTE!) Great job as always my friend!!!

  3. Oh my goodness that romper! I love the contrast of a peter pan collar and then open back. Too cute. Add in the shoes and apron and it's amazing. I love the kitties eating on the blanket. What we do for photo ops haha.

  4. So now I'll have that infectious song in my head all day! I guess it's worth it though for such a cute outfit. The shoes are my favorite...the kind of thing you make but you can't stop exclaiming, "They're so cute! I just love them!" Nice job, again!

  5. Those shoes are the most adorable things I have ever seen! Love the outfit, but I seriously can't get over those shoes!!

  6. Oh my god, that entire outfit is so cute. I looove the coral tulle paired up with red (one of my favorite color combos!), and the backless onesie with the peter pan collar AND THOSE BUNNY SLIPPERS, GAAAH. True story: I learned how to knit just so I could knit myself a pair of bunny slippers. Because, duh, adult bunny slippers. But Eddie's are 100000x cuter. And hey, whether or not you consider yourself skilled at embroidery - those faces sure look embroidered to me ;)

  7. I love the white romper!

  8. I love the white romper!!!

  9. Dying over this one - SO CUTE!!!

  10. I love it. I have the sudden urge to find a baby and pinch their little back rolls. hahaha! Each piece would make a cute bathing suit. Thanks for sharing

  11. Your work has a retro whimsicalness but moderness that is so inspiring. Got my vote!

  12. Your looks are so fresh and so fun. I seriously look forward every week mostly to see what you come up with! This outfit and your little girl are so perfect.

  13. I'm speechless- this is too much goodness all in one post! I hope you win so we get a tutorial. Well I hope you win no matter! All fingers cross XX

  14. This is so playful and fun! Love the lovecats and cure references. The shoes are killing me. And she is just the cutest model! Awwwww.
    Really fun Ari!

  15. Oh your look this week completely won me over with that cat fabric ( also the freaking adorable romper and baby)! Will you post a tut for your romper patter??? I love how it is backless, so sweet!

  16. Oh your look this week completely won me over with that cat fabric ( also the freaking adorable romper and baby)! Will you post a tut for your romper patter??? I love how it is backless, so sweet!

  17. Holy crap! This is the cutest thing I've ever seen. Ever.

  18. Holy crap! This is the cutest thing I've ever seen. Ever.

  19. You have completely outdone yourself on this bit of vintage goodness. Any chance you may post the pattern or a tutorial?? I'd love to have my hand at one of these! So glad that your season on PR&P has been such a successful one, you are a great seamstress!

  20. Love the one piece pic with your little one looking up at the camera. She looks like the sweetest little ballerina. Awesome job, Max!

  21. I voted for you! (again) have a good weekend!
    Amy from

  22. OOOOOOMMMMGGGGG.... kitties photobombing, ridiculously cute baby and you know how much I love this outfit... oh! and kitty booties... NOTHING screams Valentine's like this.... I can't wait to show this to Jon!!

    much love and xxxxxx

  23. Love the heart shaped bodice. Adorable. Agree about the baby rolls, they are super kissable :) The fabric is a lot of fun. Great job!

  24. You seriously have to win this week! This little outfit is AMAZING! Does it come in adult sizes? Hahahaha. Eddie is such a cutie, I love how excited she looks in her photos - and how upset she looks at the cats, lol.

  25. Oh this is such a winner. You brought it on this week!

  26. First off she is beautiful! I love this outfit! It is perfect for the age. I love the heart apron and the open back and the peter pan collar and the tulle at the bottom. I really love it all great jobI think your hard work will be rewarded as she wears it in the coming months.

  27. Oh that is so cute! I love everything. Rompers are so super cute on babies. I think I need to get my act together and start sewing for Imogen.

  28. Crazy cute! You've outdone yourself this week, well you do every week.

  29. O.M.G. (I am speechless with cute.)

  30. This Romper looks like an original Lacey Lane design. Where did you get your inspiration?


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