Edison doesn't like LouBeeClothing

By ari - March 15, 2013

Which is kinda too bad since I am obsessed with LouBeeClothing.

Disclaimer: This is a JOKE post. I absolutely LOVE LoubeeClothing, the patterns, the gorgeous girl behind them {Sarah!}and the face of them{ Emmy!}. It's a running joke that I always seem to capture Edison having a whinge whenever I show Sarah the snaps of my tests for her patterns. In fact it's pretty much every day one of my kids will be in something I have made from LouBeeClothing patterns: be it Vincent in Hosh pants, or Edison in a Doli or a Bimaa.

In her purple Doli tank:

Barely tolerating her Bimaa sweater

I think this one is because she is not a Whovian!

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  1. Ha!!! Love it!!! So damn funny!!!! and cute!

  2. The best! And I love that bimaa enough for all of us :)

  3. Bwahahahahahaaaaa!!! Oh I love you Ari!


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