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By ari - March 29, 2013

So I made a bunch of master patterns the other day, for Eddie. Slopers/Blocks whatever. I call them bases :) bodices and sleeves and pants in every size from newborn to 18months.

It's a good jumping off point for my next adventure. I still have so much work to do but it's nice to have a goal to work toward :)

This post already sounds a bit weird, I think it's because it's 2.30am and I have spent the last fortnight being woken up every hour by an adorable little piglet. I say it lovingly, but I am so so so tired.

This post isn't about sleep deprivation though! It's about this cute little top! It's the second version I've sewn up of the Chromium Tunic.

This flavour is 'vintage pillowcase' in 'Sesame Street'

I love how it turned out, it's lovely and lightweight. I didn't interface the collar because I was just testing the new & improved version of this pattern.

It's a go :) I lengthened the placket from last time, and the tunic length a little. It's a fun sew!

I enjoyed placing the pieces on the pillowcase and trying to make the most of the pattern, incorporating the little details into the shirt. A lot of my friends on Instagram reminisced a lot! It seems it was a popular children's sheet choice back in the day!

Now to draft up this tunic in other sizes & try those out. If you didn't get my totally vagueness up there, I'm going to start making proper patterns. This is like 3rd on the list, but I felt like starting in the middle.


Also I used the blogger app on my phone. It's pretty basic and I am not loving it. All my photos are at the bottom, wehh! We are currently camping, it's a lot of fun! This post is probably the strangest post I've written, my brain is so sluggy, I took the photos at Plainlands which is like a rest stop while driving between Brisbane & Toowoomba. Edison had already demolished some ham & cucumber and I thought it would be the greatest idea to take pics of her while vin was on the playground. Oh brain, you so funny.

Night ya'll xx

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  1. awww - the Sesame Street fabric is darling!!! And if this is an early hint for the possible need of pattern testers... count me in ;o)

  2. You find the neatest stuff!! Is the op shop (you mention it often) a fabric store or a consignment shop??
    Anyways, just love the shirt. You have really hit the ground running after pr&p.


  3. Awwww I love this!!! And look at those big baby blues!!! I mainly blog using the app too which is a pest so to move the pictures around I open my dashboard in Safari and then jiggle them about that way. (Just use copy and paste) Hope that's a help :)
    Gem from

  4. Ha ha ha, I love the look in the last picture, too cute! I like this dress, you'd never know it was once a pillowcase. :)

    -Ash P

  5. OMG this print is to DIE FOR! Love Snuffleupagus (sp?) and Big Bird front and center! Doesn't hurt that your baby is gorgeous either. If you need pattern testers I'm game, I love everything you make! And yes Blogger via phone SUCKS :-)

  6. Did you draft every size or figure out grading? I just cant get grading to work in my head, I just need to sit down and work it out I think but I never have the time!

    Eddy is sooo gorgeous and I love that little top! Haha I don't remember having sesame street sheets tho. Love how you placed the street sign too. xx

  7. I just love that top and that you got the street sign on the front placket! I would so love to pattern test for you! Making patterns is on my list too. One day!
    Congrats on making the Sew off too! Not that I thought for a second you wouldn't. I love that Sew Chibi will be with you too! This will be such a fun contest to watch!

  8. I am in love with that fabric. Just lovely in execution -- such a different and fun direction from the usual swing-y pillow case dress.

  9. Absolutely love this top. Once I saw it I thought....I just have to buy that fabric. So bummed to read it was a vintage pillowcase. Great job with the placement of the characters!

  10. Absolutely love this top! Once I saw it, I thought....I have to buy this fabric. So very bummed to read it was a vintage pillowcase. Great job on the character placement!

  11. Lovely top! I had one of those pillowcases - should I be upset that you are calling it vintage????LOL

  12. Wow, that is one adorable non-sleeping piglet! I love this blouse - so are you developing a pattern? Because, if so, me me me me me me!!!! :-)

  13. Oh gosh, it can't get any cuter than this! That top is so cute, and I love that vintage sesame street fabric! How fun!


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