T-Shirt Surgery for the Baby

By ari - March 06, 2013

It's been raining here for months it feels like, I have no idea what happened to our summer, but now that it's a few days into Autumn it's already cold!

Eddie had an awesome wardrobe of lovely shorts and dresses and cute tees in corals and mints, I'm really not into pink anymore {excuse the leggings she's wearing ahah} so I chose all these pretty pastel colours. And now she has nothing to wear because it's too cold for her new things!

Lucky I'm still on a stash-busting kick, and I pulled out a few shirts that were headed to the op shop to resize for the little girl. I made her a whole heap of long-sleeved shirts the other night.

I drafted a quick tee pattern for her from a cute little long-sleeved shirt I had her in a few days ago. This first shirt was a frilly tee I bought when I was pregnant with Vincent. it was like my 'nice' shirt to wear if we went to 'nice' places. I didn't wear it once during my pregnancy with Edison. I hated it. I kept the frill at the neck and resized it to a small shirt for Eddie, the sleeves are made out of the bottom sides of the original tee.

I op-shopped this shirt during Project Run & Play when I was looking for ideas for Spots & Stripes week. I was originally going to hand print a spots & stripes tribal idea onto a shirt, but scrapped the idea. Then I found this tribal print tee for reconstructing another day.

It was an adult-sized midriff top that was a bit mullety at the back. I kept the dip at the back.

This shirt was originally Vincent's. I loved it, I love striped tees on him, but I unwisely let him wear it one day while we were painting. The paint never came out, but instead of getting rid of it I sized it down and made a stamp out of craft foam & a cotton spool

 There were a few spots of paint on the chest of the shirt, which I covered up easily enough, then decided to keep stamping. I did some stamps down the sleeve and then one at the centre back too.

Cool Fabric Stamping Tutorials
Here's a bunch of cool ways to stamp and print fabric that I have found:
Lines Across stamps using craft foam & a wood block
A Beautiful Mess herringbone stamp using craft foam and cardboard
Cut and Paste stamp using a pencil eraser
See Kate Sew uses a stamp & fabric ink
Paper n Stitch stamps using craft foam & an old film cannister

Check out this cool kawaii cloud stamped pinny that Kat made using a rubber cork

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  1. Cuuute. I wish I could see those shoes on her, they look like something I would like to wear.

  2. I love these! They all look like something I would make :-)

  3. love them all!!!! you astound me with how much you are rolling out ;o) if my kids could just stay healthy for more than 2 minutes maybe I could get more done. And I am so sorry about your house and the rain... I had no clue it rained that much there! I have two pattern tests done for amazing awesome bloggers, and now I think I am going to dive into some of the new patterns I won!!!

  4. Wow, talk about productive. Love all of these max, makes me want to go op-shopping right now if only the bloody rain would GO AWAY!

  5. great those stamps in her arm! so cute your baby!

  6. Love them! It's awesome how much you're getting done. So strange that we're at the opposites too. We're sneaking some spring/summer stuff in here and there (still pretty cold but it's warming up). :D Still sorry about your house! I hope it stops raining for you soon!

  7. Great group of shirts! It's nice when you can bust out a bunch of something. Its the worst when cold weather rolls in fast, maybe you'll get a few warm days yet!

  8. These shirts are adorable! I love the lace one----and I just cut out some triangles for one of Grace's outfits to!

  9. Ha! The drop cloth and yellow are make a great backdrop. Eddie is such a little model!!!!!! Look at that shoe pic!!! Love her so much!!!

  10. So adorable baby! Love him!
    BTW,I am Antonio From Firmoo. Haven't heard from you for several moths. Could you give us any feedback about the glasses we sent to you?

  11. Love love these, especially the triangle stamped one. I love that you used black and gray a lot.

  12. Oh these are adorable! They are still girly, but aren't the usual boring (pink) little girls clothes. I really love that tribal one!


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