Sunday, 28 April 2013

The LITTLE Skater Dress

By now you probably would have read about the Skater Dress by my talented friend Amanda of KitschyCoo, right? The pattern is in sizes 18months to 8 years, which is going to rock - when Edison is that big. In the meantime, guess what Amanda has done?

She has graded the pattern down into two smaller sizes! 6-12 monhs & 12-18months! YES!

It sews up easily, really easily, and I learned A LOT about my sewing machine and it's capabilities toward sewing knit fabrics that I did not know! I sewed up the 6-12month size for Edison who is 9 months {and a size 0 in Australian standards} and I am definitely going to sew this pattern up again. Next time, I will shorten the skirt, since Edison is crawling now and also my personal preference for baby girl dresses is above the knee. I am also going to use the bodice pattern, lengthen it, and use it as a base for Edison's t-shirts in the future!

I didn't use a twin-needle, since I couldn't find mine {need to buy a new one!} but the alternatives Amanda suggests worked REALLY well for me!

The fabric is little scottie dogs on a grey knit and is super super SUPER soft! Similar deal to the lobster knit I received, except this is from The Fabric Fairy. I am definitely going to start buying all my knit fabrics online now, at Girl Charlee and The Fabric Fairy. The quality is so much higher and lovelier than anything local here!

You can get the Little Skater Dress pattern as a free add-on to The Skater Dress pattern, if you have already bought it or if you plan on buying it! I had literally just bought the Skater Dress pattern, since everyone had it {I'm good with peer pressure like that haha}, the night before Amanda sent me the Little Skater Dress to pattern test!

Pattern: Little Skater Dress {see above for details about the add-on}
Notes: In future I will shorten this pattern a few inches to above the knee
Fabric: Scottie Dogs Love from The Fabric Fairy

Thank you Amanda for doing this!


Friday, 26 April 2013

a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away

Edited to Add: Check out girlfriend SewChibi's post for today. We both made Star Wars clothes. We seriously did not plan it. Sew Geeky!

I was a very very lucky little girl when I received a parcel a little while ago all the way from Chibi land. Inside was lots of goodies, including this Star Wars blueprints fabric!

 I made Vincent a pair of Surfers Slacks from them, but I haven't taken a photo of him in them yet! If I was more organised I would have done a little duo shoot of them all matchy matchy but we are on a four day weekend in Brisbane and I forgot to pack his pants. Nice one mum!

With the rest of the fabric, I made Edison a Roly Poly tunic! This cute pattern was designed by Rachael of Imagine Gnats. She's pretty amazing I have discovered.

I've made little tunics similar to this one, but I LOVE this pattern. It's reversible, YES I KNOW RIGHT, and when I added these snaps to the shoulders I discovered I didn't need to add another pair for the other side. I would have done buttons and buttonholes but I couldn't find my buttonhole foot for my machine!

This pattern is ridiculously quick & easy to sew, with a cute little pleat in the centre front! It has inseam pockets, but I ommited them. Also the pattern eliminates the sideseam, but I'm super smart, S-M-R-T, and cut it out in seperate pieces.

I cut the front out of the Star Wars fabric, the back out of some blue tartan and the lining is all blue.


Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Sew Geeky: Jango is my homeboy and an Introduction

This is a very exciting post for me! 

First let me ramble a little...
Since Kat and I started talking and becoming best biffles last year, we  discovered we have a lot in common. It's not like we're separated at birth, but we compliment each other pretty darn well! While she leans more toward the Japanese/Anime style of things, I lean toward more typical geek ventures of comic books and sci-fi movies. Did I say we lean? More like we are dancing. Both of us like to game, but two things that we are truly united in is fun and exciting sewing for our kids and pushing boundaries.

Here's where it gets meaty...
So Kat came up with the idea of doing a series together. YAY! This was right before I even was asked to do Project Run & Play, so we started planning. It was pretty much a no brainer to do something geeky. And after realising we are no good at coming up with clever names, Sew Geeky was born!

Here's where you get the details of what the heck I'm talking about...
Sew Geeky is a once  month sewing series hosted by myself and my dear friend Kat of Sew Chibi. Each month we will have a different theme, and our individual takes on the theme. We will be sewing for our kids, or sometimes for ourselves! Each month the theme will be something, well, geeky!

Our first Sew Geeky is going to go live on the most geektastic of days, May 25, Geek Pride Day!

Here's the part where we get you to sew along!
It's not just Kat & I doing Sew Geeky. We want everyone in on this. This means you! Each month we will have a nerdtastic theme. Each month we will have two guest bloggers participating {if you're interested, email us!}. Submit your stitchings to the Sew Geeky Flickr Pool. If it's geeky, we want to see it! We're talking sci-fi, comics, pop culture, board games, video games, if you've been called a geek for something you are passionate about, pop it in the pool! {A Flickr pool is a group made on photo-sharing website Flickr. No swimming necessary!}

Just a few basic housekeeping rules so it's not just a free for all as there are plenty of other places you can show off your sewing creations as well as various link parties! We want this to stay an awesome group for your one stop nerdifying needs!

- it must be something you have made, and not something you are trying to sell
- it can be children's or adult's clothing!
- please add it to the Sew Geeky Flickr group, otherwise we might miss your creations and we really don't want that! If you have a blog, please link up so we can stalk, find you!
- no more than two photos in the flickr group please, of the one outfit. Feel free to link to your blog in the photo descriptions, and also feel free to make more than one outfit of course!

And last but not not least...

Here's the part where you can take our buttons!

And so this is still Kids Clothing Week related, I made these two tees for Vincent today!

Jango is my Homeboy
Fabric: White and navy stretchknit
Pattern: Dana's basic tee pattern. I added a pauldron on one shoulder. the front is white and the back is navy.
What makes it epic: I freezer paper stencilled Jango Fett's helmet onto the front. I was going to stencil the lettering, then realised I had some of Lesley Riley's TAP on hand to experiment with! More on this amazing fabric transfer paper another day! I added a pauldron on the shoulder, just one shoulder, because when it comes to making boy stuff, why does it have to be a regular tee?

Obi-Wan tee

Fabric: White fabric. I bought it thinking it would stretch, and it does a LITTLE. It's the same fabric I used for Edison's TARDIS bimaa sweater, and I stencilled both of them at the same time a year or so ago.
Pattern: Dana's basic tee pattern. I made the bands on the sleeves and around the neck too wide. Maybe it's Obi-Wan's turtleneck?
What makes it epic: This is just a tee with the Jedi symbol on the front, but to Vincent, it's Obi-Wan Kenobi's shirt. I used freezer paper to make the symbol, pretty straightforward and easy. The fit is weird, but it's entirely the fabric's fault. I made some bias binding in Jedi Brown {the only excuse to use brown ever} from some fabric, but it wouldn't stay ironed. This is the shirt of mysterious fabrics!

Can someone please tell me to stop making making white shirts for my 4 year old? Most impractical colour ever.

Don't forget to add your geekery to our flickr pool! 
We want to see your true colours! There's a little nerd in all of us! 


Monday, 22 April 2013

Kids Clothes Week: Alpine Punk

Kids Clothes Week! It started today for me {in Australia}, and let me tell you, cutting things out ahead of time sure does make sewing speedy! Today I managed to sew a few things, but only got to take photos of these two pieces!

The Arsenic Tee
Inspired by this picture, I use Rae's Flashback Skinny Tee pattern to make this shirt for Vincent. I used an oatmeal coloured fabric I had in my stash, probably bought from a second-hand store here. I really love the fabric, I was going to make some sort of mummy wraps-style shirt, but then this just happened instead.

The Sleeves are set in, but the shoulders are cut like a raglan style {think baseball tees}. I used fake leather for the shoulders, they're nice and soft, and then added three studs on each shoulder.

 The sleeves are a bit too skinny for Vince's arms, I think when I drafted out the size 4 pattern I didn't do the sleeve right? Anyway the length is great, he is supposed to be size 3, but size 4 shirts are fitting him better and better so I suppose I better just accept the fact that he is size 4 now! {He will be 4 in a few weeks!}. The fabric has great stretch to it, and I love all the little flecks in it. I used to have a pair of stockings in this kind of colour when I was little and my mum always called them our 'oatmeal' stockings.

Alpine Hosh Pants
These used to be a pair of leggings that my mum bought me when I was pregnant. They were ridiculous. Cute and warm but didn't stretch very much at all! I rarely wore them because they were very uncomfortable. Which sucked hardcore since I really loved the print on them and the knit feel they had.

I cut them up and made them into a pair of Hosh pants for Vincent. I did them up in a size 3. Lately I have been skipping the adjustable elastic in the waistband, and sewing up a full waistband for them, then stitching elastic in the back piece of it. Lazy, cutting corners, sounds like me! They're quite comfortable on him, and he liked them a lot. At risk of sounding like a broken record {no Sarah doesn't pay me to speak about her patterns, I just do it because I genuinely love them!}, this pattern rules. I have a few more Hosh pants cut out, then I'm giving a few vintage patterns a spin. Why fix something that isn't broken though? Hosh Pants fo' lyfe!

His boots are a size too big, but are from Pumpkin Patch {they were on sale. I really do not shop there unless there is a sale!}

That's what I have to show you today, I will show you the things I made Edison tomorrow! You can also check out my past Kids Clothes Week efforts here

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