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By ari - April 26, 2013

Edited to Add: Check out girlfriend SewChibi's post for today. We both made Star Wars clothes. We seriously did not plan it. Sew Geeky!

I was a very very lucky little girl when I received a parcel a little while ago all the way from Chibi land. Inside was lots of goodies, including this Star Wars blueprints fabric!

 I made Vincent a pair of Surfers Slacks from them, but I haven't taken a photo of him in them yet! If I was more organised I would have done a little duo shoot of them all matchy matchy but we are on a four day weekend in Brisbane and I forgot to pack his pants. Nice one mum!

With the rest of the fabric, I made Edison a Roly Poly tunic! This cute pattern was designed by Rachael of Imagine Gnats. She's pretty amazing I have discovered.

I've made little tunics similar to this one, but I LOVE this pattern. It's reversible, YES I KNOW RIGHT, and when I added these snaps to the shoulders I discovered I didn't need to add another pair for the other side. I would have done buttons and buttonholes but I couldn't find my buttonhole foot for my machine!

This pattern is ridiculously quick & easy to sew, with a cute little pleat in the centre front! It has inseam pockets, but I ommited them. Also the pattern eliminates the sideseam, but I'm super smart, S-M-R-T, and cut it out in seperate pieces.

I cut the front out of the Star Wars fabric, the back out of some blue tartan and the lining is all blue.

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  1. yeah, i lurve you! even though Ralph is SO mad about this!!!! i want to eat up that girlie and her super cute pinny!!

  2. Love the tartan on the back. I guess I really like blue on little girls!

  3. Stop! Stop it now because I don't know if I can take the utter adorablness of all that Eddie..in blue..and Star Wars..and rainbow legs!! Oh My Heavens!! So Wonderful!!

  4. ERMERGERD!!!!! This is so unbelievably perfect, I could just puke rainbows and shower you guys with hugs and kisses!!!! I'm so glad they both got Star Wars blueprints love!!!! xxxxxx

  5. I love crossover pinafores... especially on little ones! She's such a cutie with those rolly poly arms! Both my daughters were the same... too cute!


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