Google Reader is retiring, so now what?

By ari - April 10, 2013

I opened my reader the other day on the laptop and got a message basically saying I had 48 hours to evacuate the premises. Google Reader apparently isn't very popular. Well I guess that makes me a hipster, because I relied heavily on that reader!

I had all the blogs I enjoy reading in it, so I could read them whenever I wanted and never miss a post.

On my phone, there wasn't a Google Reader app, so I downloaded a nifty little app called "Feedly". It took me a little bit to figure it out, but I learned to love it. It imported all the blogs I follow into it for me, which was great, and kept the categories I had already sorted them into (fashion, DIY fashion, DIY mamas, children's fashion, fitness, etc).

I was pretty stoked to find out that Feedly had an actual site, it wasn't just an app! So now I have Feedly bookmarked on my laptop. Bye Google Reader!

If you use bloglovin', you can follow me here, it's an alternative way of making sure you don't miss a post. Or you could subscribe to my blog via email, which is in the sidebar.

Or maybe I should start a newsletter :3

How do you keep track of your favourite blogs?

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  1. Bloglovin' for me, only just transferred all the blogs over to it, but so far so good, in fact, reading your blog post on Bloglovin' right now!

  2. I just use my blogger account and add all the blogs to my reading list manually using the "ADD" button that is on the Blogger Dashboard page. It took me a long time to realize that when you click the ADD button it allows you to type in any website/blog etc instead of only being able to add blogger account blogs. Now I can check my comments& also check in on all my favorite blogs at the same time.


  3. All the blogs that I follow have an actual link on my blog, very easy to keep track.

  4. I prefer plain ole email subscriptions. I hate bloglovin'. Hate!! Also hate when blogs won't give another option- I know BL boosts SEO, but still. I like email because I get the post real time, I can read, respond, delete, pin, or bookmark as needed. I follow so many blogs that I just need them all in one place. :)

  5. I use bloglovin and feedly- but never get around to checking those as often as I would like. The posts I really don't want to miss I subscribe via email ( just did to yours).


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