Patchwork Gypsy Curtains

By ari - April 13, 2013

So this week for The Sew Off the theme was Home Decor.



{not really}

Guys, home decor is so hard for me! I wanted to glue & spraypaint things, but then I realised it was the 'sew' off and all those ideas were swept to the side.

So I was thinking, things to sew. I came up with cushion covers, a cover for the couch or curtains. I went with curtains.

The striped fabric I used was originally for Vincent's Submarine Pullover, but it took a very long time for it to get from the Philippines to Australia. I still wanted to do a pullover in this fabric, but Tim was like CURTAIN THAT. I guess he wanted to look at it a lot, and also the apricot Venetian blinds we had were just... no.

I cut up that fabric, plus a pile of fabrics in my scrap box that didn't really match but I wanted to use them anyway. I cut out rectangles, not all of them the same length, and sewed them in long strips, before sewing them together.

Check out the BEFORE! Yeh this is all entirely my mess... Sorry Tim...

I added some pompom trim from the Weekend scarf into one of the seams, and in another seam is a little loop of fabric. That little piece of fabric is very special to me, and I didn't know how I was going to use it ever. I decided if I put it in the curtains then I get to look at it every day.

Wanna know what that scrap of fabric is?

It's a tiny piece of blue voile that is from the original Rainbow Dash Dress by my love Kat of Sew Chibi. Unfortunately she didn't make it through the kids clothing round of the Sew Off, which shocked me majorly! Onwards & Upwards though. Check out the home decor piece she made this week. Puts my curtains to shame!

Yep, used a scrap from a button up shirt... 
I was going to use pompom trim across the hem of the curtains too, but then I founder a cheaper way :D Instead of $5/m for pompom trim, I found this pom pom yarn that was $5/ball. Yeh man! It has 23m in it! Weeeee!

Do you know how hard it is to take photos of curtains? It's so boring! I was just lamenting to ol' Katsykins  that they're not like kids. Curtains just HANG THERE. Looking back I probably could have styled the table a bit, but hey, I cleared it off and wiped it alright? Anyway, whether this home decor-y enough or not, it was a much needed facelift to this window!

My pathetic attempt at making the curtains look EXCITING. Different angles yo!

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  1. I can't even make believe there is a person more awesome than you. i love you and your curtains... even though they are lame models... tell them there's an elephant in your pocket. see if that makes them smile.

  2. I totally thought it would be easier to photo home decor, no little models throwing tantrums, sulking or pulling weird faces, but I'm with you it seems those are the things that give photos some interest, rather than here it is from the left, from the right and from below lol
    Great job on the curtains though much nicer than plain vertical blinds :)

  3. I noticed that we both have yellow painted walls in our homes :)

  4. ahahah... I felt just like you about this week's theme... Fantastic... NOT!

  5. My favorite food jewelry maker is having a giveaway, and since you are the only Australian blogger I know, I thought I'd share with you:

  6. I love the combination of all the different fabrics and remnants and special somethings! Good job!!


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