TARDIS Bimaa Sweater

By ari - April 17, 2013

I love pattern testing! It's so fun to be able to help indie pattern companies, and try out their designs that have become their babies. I also enjoy learning new techniques on how to do things.

After the Hosh Pants, came the Bimaa Sweater from LouBee Clothing. An adorable little long-sleeved shirt/sweater that comes in two flavours - cowl or shawl neck. I am yet to try the shawl neck, putting it on my to do list for KCW yeh? It comes in sizes 12 months to 5, which I love in children's patterns. The wider range of sizes the better!

Edison loves it

I love the way the cowl drapes around the neck. I didn't make this out of very stretchy fabric, although I really thought it would stretch! I used navy blue stretch for the wrist cuffs and waistband, which by the way is my favourite way to finish off hems on anything! I cut out the cowl lining in the navy as well, and I love the way the colour flips out.

I sewed this up in the 12 month size, but the minimal stretch meant it fit my then-6 month old really nicely! Honestly when Sarah told me about this cowl sweater I was like "... cowl... cool..." And I just, I didn't feel it. Until I made it up! I absolutely love this actually, and will be great and cosy for my little girl when winter hits here! {It may not snow here, but it is bitterly cold!}.

I've never sewn a cowlneck onto a shirt before, but I liked it! And I think you will too! Another thing for you to put on your 'patterns to definitely buy & try' list I promise!

Here's a close up of the stencil. I did it like two years ago I think, when I first got some freezer paper. It was hell. Trying to cut out all those little... ugh. Whatever I will do it again in a heartbeat! I left the fabric just sitting there uncut.. I don't even know why!

Check out another tester's sweater! And you can buy the pattern right here!

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