The LITTLE Skater Dress

By ari - April 28, 2013

By now you probably would have read about the Skater Dress by my talented friend Amanda of KitschyCoo, right? The pattern is in sizes 18months to 8 years, which is going to rock - when Edison is that big. In the meantime, guess what Amanda has done?

She has graded the pattern down into two smaller sizes! 6-12 monhs & 12-18months! YES!

It sews up easily, really easily, and I learned A LOT about my sewing machine and it's capabilities toward sewing knit fabrics that I did not know! I sewed up the 6-12month size for Edison who is 9 months {and a size 0 in Australian standards} and I am definitely going to sew this pattern up again. Next time, I will shorten the skirt, since Edison is crawling now and also my personal preference for baby girl dresses is above the knee. I am also going to use the bodice pattern, lengthen it, and use it as a base for Edison's t-shirts in the future!

I didn't use a twin-needle, since I couldn't find mine {need to buy a new one!} but the alternatives Amanda suggests worked REALLY well for me!

The fabric is little scottie dogs on a grey knit and is super super SUPER soft! Similar deal to the lobster knit I received, except this is from The Fabric Fairy. I am definitely going to start buying all my knit fabrics online now, at Girl Charlee and The Fabric Fairy. The quality is so much higher and lovelier than anything local here!

You can get the Little Skater Dress pattern as a free add-on to The Skater Dress pattern, if you have already bought it or if you plan on buying it! I had literally just bought the Skater Dress pattern, since everyone had it {I'm good with peer pressure like that haha}, the night before Amanda sent me the Little Skater Dress to pattern test!

Pattern: Little Skater Dress {see above for details about the add-on}
Notes: In future I will shorten this pattern a few inches to above the knee
Fabric: Scottie Dogs Love from The Fabric Fairy

Thank you Amanda for doing this!

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  1. argh too cute - she should be a baby model. ;)

  2. sooo cute - I agree, until they can walk dresses have to be above the knee (and even then they get caught up in them when they crawl ;op) Sooooo different from having boys ;o)

  3. This is so cute, Max - and will be just as cute as a crawler friendly mini. Edison is adorable!

  4. Ahhhhh HI Edison! :D

    Super cute Skater, Ari!

  5. So cute! I love the Scottie fabric.


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