Fancy Up Your Hosh Pants: The Kamino Kid

By ari - May 06, 2013

It's safe to say that I'm in love with every pattern that Loubee Clothing has created so far, and I got a sneak peek of what she is working on now and boy is it BEAUTIFUL. When Sarah asked me if I wanted to be part of her series on hacking up her Hosh Pants pattern, I couldn't reply in the affirmative fast enough! Most of my posts lately have been Hosh pants {1, 2 & 3}, Doli tanks and the one Bimaa sweater {which I need to get onto that and fill Edison's winter wardrobe with more of these!}.

This little guy has a bit of an obsession {Star Wars}, but I am willing to take advantage of it to encourage him to wear pants {it's getting cold!} instead of his preferred bottoms choice of shorts. And so, the Kamino Kid Hosh Pants were created!

Inspired by Boba Fett, the BAMF bounty hunter from Star Wars, I decided to make Vin some pants that were fun and a teensy bit costumey {Vince will wear pants if he thinks it is dress-up!}. They are made from grey stretch-denim, the exact same fabric I made these little skinny jeans for Vinnie from when he was a little bub! {Oh man how badly I sewed!}

From the front, the construction is similar to Boba Fett's actual pants. The knee 'shields' are made from yellow stretchknit. I used vliesofix to fix them in place where the knees are, then stitched around them like patches. Then I did seams straight across the knees to reinforce it, variegating the widths from close together to about a cm apart. 

Underneath the knee pads I attached two thin patch pockets made from the same grey stretch denim. Token lego pockets you know!

The butt pockets are where I decided to party, and move away from the 'costume'-ish look of the front. Two patch pockets decorated like Boba Fett's helmet. Vincent informed me he didn't want to pose for a photo with his hand in them, which is fine because we all know what pockets are for right? So here he is looking casul with his 'blaster'.

The patch pockets were made from green stretchknit that I had bleach-sprayed a few years ago. I reinforced them with the grey stretch denim to stop them from stretching too weirdly out of shape. I cut up an old maroon cord button-up shirt my dad donated to me {I don't even know how it existed as a thing!} and some black scraps. Using vliesofix I made some cool T shapes to turn them into Boba Fett's helmet! Sort of! I top-stitched the pieces on the pockets, then sewed the back pants pieces together at the centre back seam before positioning the pockets and stitching them down.

We have a pretty massive trampoline, and a gym ball is always left inside it. For some reason Vincent has called this gym ball Chewbacca and he has to wrestle Chewbacca almost every afternoon. It was only fitting then, that as Boba Fett he should wrestle a wookiee.

As you can see, these pants give an awesome skinny-leg look, but are comfortable enough to run and jump and play and wrestle wookiees.

Fun Fact: The bleached out green and the yellow fabrics were originally bought two years ago when I was going to make myself a Boba Fett dress! That never happened, and I started to use the fabrics for other projects. Pretty cool that I ended up using them for a Boba Fett inspired piece anyway!

Get your Hosh Pants pattern here!
Keep an eye on the Emmy Lou Bee Doo blog this week for more Hosh Pant hacks!

My Backpack's got jets

Thank you to our friend Chris who GAVE Vincent that Boba Fett helmet!

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  1. Holy moly! That kid!! Love this hack. Vin can pull off just about anything, I am convinced!!
    PS...The jet pack pic is spectacular!!

  2. I LOVE THEM ARI!!! :D So good. So, so good! The patches and pockets came out perfect - I've GOT to try that!


  3. Those are great! I love the Nirvana shirt too :)

  4. Pretty much the coolest thing ever. I wish my boy was wild about Star Wars, but he's still in this Richard Scarry phase.

  5. These are fantastic! And I miss you a whole bunch! <3

  6. These are fantastic! I just moved to my very own house so I'm super excited to get posting and crafting again. I MISS YOU! <3

  7. These pants are awesome! And now I'm picturing an old maroon corduroy button up.

  8. Hehehe....Darn you captcha! I always get funny ones too! :))))))

  9. Oh, love this! Such a fun boy project. My guy is the only one genuinely happy when I make something for him, and seeing these on your cute guy is great inspiration! And love the 'blaster' in the shot. Boys and their toys... :)

  10. Whopops! Sorry I didn't comment on these yet!!! Bad, Kat, Bad. SO their are so totally awesome. I love the little pockets under the knees!!!! Everything... and his little face. GAHHH so cute!!!! love you! xxxxx

  11. These are so cool girlfriend!!! We are going to get a trampoline for Cai for his 3rd birthday and I am SOOOO excited!!! LOL!


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