The 12 Parsec Dress

By ari - May 20, 2013

Good Evening/Morning!

Head on over to the Shaffer Sisters to catch my guest tutorial I wrote for their "Make for Mom" series this year!

Make a shirt in less than 12 parsecs; the key is to remember that Han shot first.

{too many Star Wars references? Said no one ever}

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  1. Omg omg seriously thank you SO much for this - I have a talley nice shirt that has a stain near the bottom and now I know how to turn it into a dress! Can't believe I had never thought of this. Amazing!

  2. Or even a *really* nice shirt!

  3. Wow,
    I consider myself a pretty cool nerd, but I must admit, when I saw your t-shirt on this tutorial we put up, I did not get the whole 12 parsecs thing! Thank goodness for the first comment, it drove me to look it up.
    Thanks so much for your work on our blog and for getting it to us early. I love how the dress turned out, and your so stinkin cute!
    with love,

  4. The haircut looks righteous!

  5. omg i love your hair! and the top, of course!

  6. Hot. ultra Hot... and sooo... damn cute!!!!!
    also, never enough star wars references!

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