Friday, 14 June 2013

Shorts on the Line - Steam Shorts

Okay despite the title I didn't actually steam my shorts. When I was coming up with an idea for shorts I was greatly inspired by the Steampunk style. It's a subculture I have always adored, but never plunged into.

Until now.

So I don't have a whole Steampunk wardrobe just yet, but it's something I am working toward, it's mainly in the accessories! I'm working on making myself some Steampunk goggles {some of the photos feature a pair of goggles Vincent & I made for him yesterday}{He's an airship pirate by the way} and ways to incorporate Steampunk fashion into my winter wardrobe! {You can check out my Pinspiration here}.

I was pretty stoked to be invited by Rachael & Carla to be a part of this Shorts on the Line business! More details about the series are at the bottom of this post, so let's talk about these shorts!

 So inspired by my muse Kato, I saw these high-waisted suspender shorts and then made them mine! I grabbed a pair of denim shorts I love {did I mention it is winter here?} that hit me on the waist. My body shape is definitely not good for anything that accentuates my waist {my torso is like a tree trunk, no waist definition and anything that cuts me in half makes me look like a tree stump!} but the denim shorts somehow work. I think it's because they are quite short in the leg too!

The photo above I tucked my undershirt in so you can see how high they go. They are So comfy! And yes, that is a teensy hole by the tab! I've been wearing these babies all week and today was the first opportunity I had to take a photo haha.

I don't have much stretch fabric in my stash, shockingly, and nothing that I wanted to make some cute shorts out of, but then I found this grey & black striped fabric that I had a few metres of! I used my denim shorts as a pattern, not adding any seam allowance because the denim cut-offs were clearly not stretch and the stretch fabric... was. {uh}

It was quite easy to zip them up together, making sure to match the stripes up as best I could {I REALLY do not love stripes not matching up at seams. Or Plaids}. I added a band at the top and at the leg holes and that was basically that!

that is thes smuggest smug face. i am so awkward IN FRONT of the camera!
I liked them the way they were, but then I decided to add some tabs on the sides with some big black buttons on them. I made it so they skooched the hem of the shorts up a little at the sides. 

I was worried they were a bit SteamSkank instead of Steampunk, because they were so short, but in the end I don't really care! Yes they're pretty short, but holy dooley they are comfortable! And since they are stretch I can tug them down a little if I feel uncomfortable. Also they make me feel good, and isn't that a good thing with clothes? I've had two kids and I can still rock out shorts like this? That makes me feel proud {and lucky to have the body I do, since it wasn't always this way!}

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