The Shortest Lady Skater

By ari - July 20, 2013

Oh yes, yes I was lucky to snag a spot in the Lady Skater tour and let me tell you it has been QUITE the tour!

Oh this? My Lady Skater. Super cute? Definitely. Too short? You bet. We'll get to that in a moment! First let's talk about the PATTERN!

I love it. It's simple, it's easy, it was fast to sew up just like the Little Girls Skater Dress (for girls) and the Little Skater (for babies). I used the tester pattern I was sent agggges ago (um.. oops!)and it worked totally perfect for me! As you can see, I used the same fabric I used as my Steampunk Shorts. At first I was a little embarrassed about using the same fabric. In the blogging world there are so man talented seamstresses that seem to spend A LOT on fabric. I spend hardly anything, and never on anything *designer*, and since PR&P I have barely set foot inside a fabric store! I make do with what I have (the whole reason I started to DIY!), so when the only fabric I had with enough yardage that I could work with was the same as my last for-me project I felt a bit... inferior.

And then I remembered, it's okay!

And, as it turns out which you will read later, that it was a blessing in disguise! So I stitched this baby up. At first I was just going to keep it plain, but then I was looking at all the other Lady Skaters on the tour and realised, "Girl you need to up your game!" So I upped it a smidge! I added a plain black band (fabric salvaged from a t-shirt) around the neck, and stitched a metal trouser-fly zipper to the front. It zips up and down, sure, but it doesn't actually unzip anything. It's decorative! Hah.

I also added pockets!

Yeh man, Vincent's clothes aren't the only things to get Lego pockets put in! Mama needed something to carry her Lego in too (I kind of am kidding. I don't just exclusively carry Lego. Sometimes I carry flowers he has picked me).

So the dress was all done and looked pretty cute. Hit me above my knee which is a good length for me now I'm a mama of two and need to bend & pick stuff up all the time. I don't do mini skirts anymore, so this was a good length!


I decided it should be shorter.

And I measured it and eyeballed it and cut it and then hemmed and then tried it on.

Well, my husband is a fan!

Seriously. One day I will blog about why I don't smile.  Sometimes I try. Or sometimes (like today) I don't even attempt lol. *SULTRY STARE*
However, there is no way I could wear that as a dress without showing everyone what colour knickers I was wearing every time I took a step.

Here is the rad part!

My steampunk shorts are the perfect length for underneath!


The rad thing about Kitschy Coo Patterns is that Amanda often has extra content on her blog. She releases a pattern, then blogs about little adjustment tutorials for adding to your pattern or altering it into something different!

Check out the previous & next stops on the pattern tour!

Oh if you ever want to make yourself feel less pale, go stand in a white corridor! I swear I glow-in-the-dark I am so white ahha!

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  1. You have gorgeous legs. If my legs looked like that I would wear mini skirts every day!

  2. I absolutely love that you used fabric from your stash. That's the draw for me to sew also. If its going to be waaaay more expensive than something I can buy, it doesn't appeal to me. It looks great! And the shorts are perfect.

  3. She's totally right. My legs + mini skirts = odd stares and "oh no she isn't" type looks.

  4. Great legs! Oh yeah, and the dress is awesome too!

  5. Oh man so damn cute! You look amazing! and i heart all of your accessories so damn much. xxxooxxooxoxooxoooxoxooxxoxoxxooxoxoxoxooxoxxoxoxoxooxooxoxoxooxo

  6. Oh that's so cool with the shorts and the dress. Also, love the idea of the pockets, I was thinking of adding them to my skater also but got distracted obviously. Smile or no smile, you're still cute as pie!

  7. Dude. I love your neckline and zipper. And you rock the short skirt so well. Okay, my husband said so too, but I think he has a secret crush on you.

  8. ahh Ari! this post just makes me love you even more. (didn't know that was possible) 1st sweet pegs ya got there. you rock those mini skirts my dear. 2nd being frugal is never stupid or out of style. You go girl! and 3rd you look fab-boo-lus!

  9. If one can look as good as you in that length of a skirt...why not?!:) Love the pockets! The zipper is a fun detail too.

  10. Whatever, I reuse the same fabric and patterns all the time. I figure, if I love it enough to take it home with me, then I love it enough to use it multiple times :)

    I like your spin on this! Super duper mini lady with MATCHING shorts underneath? Yes please!!

  11. Perfect legs alert! And I love you for using your stash and being so honest. I get jealous all the time watching all those bloggers posting their new fabrics and their fabric stash... Anyway, you're a Babe and your dress with the shorts look stunning! xo

  12. Really liked your dress, I feel the same, now that I am a mom I don't feel comfortable about wearing mini skirts (and I have my share of them), so this is just a great idea. And congrats on using from your stash!!!

  13. LOVE the short skirt with matching shorts! Super fun.

  14. Hey babe! Thanks for the pep talk. Now that I think about it, I have gotten offers in my email from companies offering me products, but I've always turned them down. You're right, I don't want to blog about stuff for however many days just to make $50. They can't tell me my business. I do what I want!! I want to share what I love, sewing and crafting! Wooo! I love you! Thanks for always being there to pick me up! <3 <3 <3

  15. I envy your talent. I'm just starting to learn how to sew and it's going slow, so seeing what you can accomplish is encouraging. Nice blog!


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