Winter Sun Pants

By ari - July 09, 2013

Hey guys!

When Heather emailed me asking if I wanted to be a part of the tour I hesitated for only a moment because I am SO busy trying to move house & plan for our New Zealand adventure! However when I saw the patterns, it was a no brainer!

I fell in love instantly, for serious, I could just see both the patterns on my kids and I was excited to get going!

For the Perfect Playtime Pants, I used some AWESOME STARLION fabric I bought from Kitschycoo just recently. I was so scared to cut into it, but I'm glad I did because the moment Vincent saw them he wanted to put them on RIGHT AWAY (something he hasn't wanted to do since PR&P!)

The fabric is super soft, and for the cuffs I used the bottoms of some leggings that I didn't wear anymore.

They really are the Perfect Playtime Pants! I had a hard time getting photos of Vinnie standing still in them!

I normally go for a more slimmer fit with pants for Vincent, but lets face it, no kid wants to play rough in skinny jeans. I can see myself making a whole pile of these for him to wear to kindy!

For Edison I made the Harem Pants. They are a size 18months, and she is still in 6-12months, but I love them SO MUCH. They are so cute, and look super super comfy. She can't walk just yet, but she is fond of standing and holding people's hands.

Again I had a really hard time keeping her still, and had to enlist Tim to help hold her hands because she wanted to get going!

Yep you have seen this fabric before! I still have HEAPS of the grey quilt cover left over, and pretty much every thing I have used it for has been for edison, IE one of her first dresses and the lining for this capelet.

The cuffs are scraps from the leggings I used for Vince's pants, so overall I did well with the recycling thing!

Both the patterns are a super quick sew! I didn't use pockets on either of them, although in future I will definitely give Vincent's pants pockets (LEGO, GUYS. THE KID NEEDS LEGO POCKETS. Focus!). The patterns come with variations on length and also they have pockets. I think next time I make the playtime pants they will be for Eddie (there is an ADORABLE bloomer option)

Each pattern is $7 but you can buy the two of them as a deal for $10!

She is 1 tomorrow... ONE. Year. Old.

Want to win your choice of either pattern? Leave a comment here letting me know your current inspiration/muse/next project you are excited about! My muse has been AWOL lately, so I want to live vicariously through you!

Winner will be determined by random generator & is open to all on planet earth & jupiter. 

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  1. They turned out so cool! I love those cuffs on Vincent's pants and that fabric is fantastic! I'm glad the harem pants worked for Edison! That floral fabric is perfect!
    Thanks for testing! I'm so grateful you had time!

  2. Love the pants you made! Summery colors is my current inspiration :)

  3. i just found your awesome blog...I LOVE all your star wars clothing and everything!! new follower!

    Sisters, Sisters

  4. Loving the silhouette of the harem pants!

  5. The pants are both awesome and I love that lion print. :) Good work lady.
    My muse is AWOL also! I have also been pattern testing things that I cant talk about yet :P
    My next project is to sew up some colourblock ties and hopefully get my sewjo back! :)

  6. Okay, I have a huge pile of clothes for Elias but I just like to make him stuff that is comfy, so here I am :D We are flying to Mallorca next week so everything I made the last two weeks was like: Ok, he needs this and that and a hat. And after looong weeks without my sewing machine (the motor was destroyed...whoops...) there were so many UFO's and clothes that I need to repair. So I did this and vacation-clothing.
    Let me say, I love slim fit pants, too. But they aren't REALLY comfy (except leggings!!!) and I love to see harem pants or other cool loose fit pants on my little duracell bunny!
    This pattern sounds and looks good to me. Here I am.
    Nice Greets, Anni

    (P.S. Eddie's pants are the same fabric as the cute little cape, right? And didn't you make a dress with this fabric?? :D)

  7. Love the pants on your super cute kids Max :-) My little miss will be one in 15 days, I keep on asking myself where on earth the time has gone. Inspiration and ideas for sewing projects definitely come from the blogisphere - I have many ideas (mostly for things to make her) but the motivation to get things made is at about 0! My next project tho is to make her a wee vest - it's cold down here in Melbourne (and we're also heading home to NZ for a couple of weeks for her birthday) so hopefully that will help me get back on track with my sewing.

  8. love what you did with the play time pattern. And of course HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your little miss. =)

  9. I love the pants in this lion print! i'm totally into harem pants. i love to wear them myself!
    as for my inspiration/next project: i'm sewing a lot for myself right now :D maxi skirts, shirts, everything. BUT because of kcw i want to make my baby some pants and a light summer-evening sweater :)

  10. I'm working on pants for my oldest right now. My baby just turned one, but I feel like the big guy needs the attention right now. I get inspired by things he is excited about at the moment, it brings so much joy to see him excited about something he has to wear (especially when he'd rather be naked!).

  11. Those are both gorgeous!

    I'm on a Harry Potter kick at the moment, trying to work out how to visually represent the different movies/books without making costumes :) And of course I'm very excited about my first Kids Clothes Week coming up :)

  12. the fabric on vincent's pants is fabulous! I've gotta go check this pattern out.


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