Prefontaine World Tour!

By ari - August 08, 2013

"To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift. "

Before Jill of Made with Moxie introduced me to her first ever pattern, the Prefontaine Shorts, I had noooo idea who Steve Prefontaine was. Just the name of the shorts made me think of the 70s, and then when I ended up googling it I was pleasantly surprised that I was on the right track! (lol, unintended pun!).

Pre was a pretty cool guy, and so when I made up Vincent's first pair of shorts in a long time (it's winter here) I decided to stick with the 70s vibe it had given me! Ironically, while I was making these, the movie 'Prefontaine' came on tv. Ha!

Vincent was BEYOND stoked about the fact that I had made him shorts. This kid is ALL ABOUT the shorts, but since it gets pretty darn cold here I had to end up hiding all his shorts until it warmed up.

I used a thick cotton, almost like a drill for the main part of the shorts. Of course the fabric is an op-shop score, and has a retro alphabet print on it. It is super sturdy and I think these are going to be a fantastic rough & tumble & wash & wear piece to Vince's wardrobe.

They're roomy, I made the elastic waistband a little looser so he will get A LOT of wear from these bad boys. I made the pocket lining a contrast red. I honestly have NO clue what this fabric is. I'd say about 60% of my fabric stash comes from the op-shops. All I know is that it is kind of like a broadcloth.

Oh yeh Vincent got 'tattooed' last weekend because he was going to his barber who has a lot of cool tattoos
I made both butt pockets from the Xylophone part of the fabric. Idk it seemed like a good idea at the time! The binding is navy stretch fabric, but I only had the tiniest of scraps left and I pieced it together to make it BARELY long enough. In RETROspect, I would have left the binding off the butt pockets so I could have enough to go up the sides but I think this worked well! The actual pattern gets you to stitch the binding up the sides, which I really love! 

 The next pair are definitely going to be made from an old towel, I love the pool shorts idea that Sarah from EmmyLouBeeDoo made! Disapproving Fish Disapproves!

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  1. Love them Ari! You find the best op shop scores, I love that print! Amazing work as always xx

  2. These are super sweet, Ari! And Vincent is rocking the retro so perfectly. Glad he loves his shorts. Thanks for being on the World Tour! Woot!

  3. So cute! That little guy sure knows how to pose!

  4. That alphabet fabric is so cute and makes some pretty cool prefontaines (I'd never heard of him before either). Love the posing from Vinny!

  5. VINCENT IS SO CUTE. :D Nice shorts, hey!

  6. Love love love the fabric! They look fantastic! I've been sewing shorts too - making a head start on my summer sewing!

  7. Oh Vin, you are the perfect little boy. Max, these shorts are fantabulous!!!!

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