By ari - September 11, 2013

It's not a secret that the Peek-a-boo pattern shop* has a LOT of patterns, and one of my favourite patterns is the Skinny Jeans* pattern. I've used them a lot and changed them up in a trillion different ways (okay maybe like three ways). I hand-painted fabric and made them into some Beetlejuice/Tron-inspired jeans (you should see the back pockets!)

I cut the leg length down to make them into shorts (2 pairs! + a pair for a friend)

Aaaand I made dual-tone punk jeans for Vincent with the same pattern*

I also made Edison her very first swimsuit from a Peek-A-Boo pattern!

HOWEVER, this post is not about all the jeans I've made for Vincent, this is about Edison's brand new sailor dress! Amy sent me the Anchors Aweigh Sailor Dress* for me to try out, and I was a little bit excited because I think little kids in sailor clothes are SO CUTE.

Walking like a drunken sailor
It features a large middy collar that is split up the back so it's easier to actually get it onto your kid, a gathered skirt and a big sash. There is a sleeveless option, the one I went for, however the little sleeves on the dress are way cute.

The wind was not my friend that afternoon -_-
I made the pattern up pretty much as instructed, I don't ever mess with the length on things the first time I make them (learned my lesson here), however I didn't do the bias-binding on the collar as I thought that the polka dot silk was busy enough on a dress for a little girl.

The pattern comes in sizes 3 months to 12 years, something that Peek-a-Boo patterns* always does which is super helpful to have such a wide range in sizes. I remember when Edison was quite little I wanted to make all these things for her but there were no patterns small enough. It kinda sucked!

I used some gorgeous silk that I got from the op-shop, it took me a while to figure out what the fabric was but then I fished out my book of fabric swatches that I made in fashion school and I soon deduced that it was silk! Fancy! I have HEAPS of this stuff, and I have already made a little dress from this silk a few months ago so keep an eye out for that.

She'd just caught sight of our cat Jackasaurus Rex ^_^
The sash is just a big wide white satin ribbon I happened to have in my stash, it was the perfect length so I stitched it on the sideseams of the dress so we won't lose it. The collar and bodice lining are

It's a simple lined bodice with  gathered skirt, which is a lovely little base for most dresses for girls, however I once drafted a middy collar for myself pre-children and it was a bit fiddly. Some days you just want all the hard work done for you ya know?

The instructions are simple, with pictures for every step.

I made this in the size 12months sizing, so plenty of room for growing UP in it (since babies at this age rarely grow much more OUT)(EG: Vincent at 4 wears the same boardies he used to go to swimming lessons in when he was 5 months... he was quite chunky those days!). Next time I make this, I will make the skirt a little shorter because I love seeing toddlers in foofy skirts that are above their knees.

I made Edison's socks using this tutorial from the Sewing Rabbit. I used the compression stockings I wore when I was in hospital having her, they made great thick socks for her, although the lace is a little tight on one so I just push it down a little on her ankle.

Underneath her dress I made a little faux pettiskirt which I will blog about later. It's faux as in I didn't do a gazillion tiers of chiffon but gathered a few layers of bridal tulle onto a cute little waistband. It's adorable. AND reversible. Here's a sneak peek of her crawling away from me with the wind blowing her skirt up haha

I've held off sewing dresses and skirts for her since she started crawling, because it's SO HARD for her to try and get places with a skirt getting in the way of those little travelling knees, however now she is starting to walk more and more...

Don't have a little girl to sew for? How about the Anchors Aweigh Sailor Romper* for your little man? TOTALLY ADORABLE. Or you could buy both and save $3 with the code 'ahoy' at checkout!

Check out the other tourees on the Fall 2013 pattern tour!

* denotes an affiliate link
I received this Anchors Aweigh dress pattern for free to review, but all opinions are my own :)

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  2. I love it! And her face when she saw the car is epic!

  3. Her face might be the cure to all the world's problems. and the dress is also very cute.

  4. all of them so cute!!

    i think i'm going to cut all of y-boi's pants up now since he is much taller though they still fit his waist!

    hey! even a few contrasting patches and buttons would do. thanks for the inspiration Max!!

    *goes and digs out fabric paint*

    hmm...WAIT! I'm going to make one of these sailor dressies for my girl (i like the white and blue colour combo its fresh and clean)!!! <3 <3



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