Dreaming of Spring, in Spring!

By ari - September 17, 2013

I had the honour of testing a pattern for Magda from House of Estrela just recently. Can I just preface this by saying I CAN'T WAIT until it is released. I have tested quite a few pattern this year & I have also been sewing from other people's patterns a lot. So I think I can expertly (haha) say that this is a pattern you are definitely going to want to get your hands on when it is released. From the moment Magda asked me if I would test it, I was 100% on board. I hadn't made Edison anything this structured before, and having made Vincent many blazers and jackets this year I thought that making one of Eddie would not be a problem. And it wasn't

The Dreaming of Spring Blazer was created by Magda when she was participating in the Sew Off against me! Her layering of the piece was just so cute, and I fell in love with it. 4 months later and she has the pattern available for testing. You can check out two other testers' versions here at Winter Wonderings & also at the Shaffer Sisters.

I made Edison's blazer from a pastel lemony cotton I bought from my favourite fabric shop, the op-shop! I can't remember the exact price, but it was probably around $2-$3 for around 2metres of it. It isn't very thick, all folded up I thought it was like a cotton drill, but when I used it it is much softer and thinner. I lined the jacket with floral fabric that I grabbed from a dress my Oma gave me to cut up (my whole family knows my addiction hah). At first I was worried because the floral has like a black background and it showed up underneath the yellow, however now that it is all made up you really can't notice.

The pictures aren't very well lit because the day I took photos it was foggy and misty! It seemed that our Spring turned straight into a Summer but then BAM it's been rainy and stormy. Classic Toowoomba weather. It honestly never knows what season it is supposed to be.

I did the pockets a little different because I didn't have any eyelets that weren't black (although I supposed I could have used nailpolish on them) or thin ribbon in the right colour for the pockets. So instead I stitched some thin elastic to the inside of the main fabric pocket. Then I sewed the pockets up as instructed. Before I stitched them to the jacket I made some fabric bows (My girl Thera has a great video tutorial here for making bows) and stitched them onto the pockets.

My favourite part was in the instructions when she mentioned the four sleeves dancing out of the lining. I literally giggled, it was so cute!

Cutting & sewing it up took me a few weeks, because I had a lot of other projects going on at the same time, but I really loved making this and I can't wait until Eddie is a little bigger and can fit into it a little better. I definitely will be making more for her, maybe a basic black one and then maybe a trendy little floral one with piping.

The jacket is a really cute shape. It's a size 2, so a little big on Eddie, and the wide neckline and little button tab are just two features I adore! The pockets also. And the rolled up cuffs. Alright everything.

Eddie's jeans are mini versions of Vincent's Indiana Jones jeans. I used the skinny jeans pattern (affiliate link) to make them at the same time. They're going to part of a costume for her to go with Vincent's Indiana, you'll have to wait for that reveal though ;)

 Every time we go outside she needs to carry a flower. It's ridiculously adorable.

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  1. This is amazing and OMG your kid >_<

  2. Love it! So many gorgeous features. The floral lining is perfect, I love the peek of it on the cuffs. Those shoes are a great match! Yep, ridiculously adorable with the flowers :)

  3. love!!! HTose bows rock, need to make another one now ;o)

  4. As I told you before, love your version and those bows add so much to it... just like Suzanne I feel like I need to make another one, using your idea. Thanks for the help! =D

  5. That jacket has nice seam lines! Last picture killed me, those shoes, that face.

  6. sooooo sweet! i really have to get up the shots of my elliot in her dreaming of spring blazer. like you i was amazed by this pattern!!! it's easy and awesome!!!
    love edison's little yellow thang. ;)

  7. FREAKING AMAZING! This is so cute! You never cease to amaze me. :)


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