Green Lantern Popover

By ari - September 11, 2013

Yep! I'm going to attempt to Sew Along with Project Run & Play this season. I'm not going all out, I really don't have time at the moment but I really love the challenge of being given a theme and turning it into something else!

This first week, as usual, is a pattern remix. This season the remix is the Popover Sundress by Oliver & S which is a free pattern. Well it's a fairly basic dress, and probably not the sort of thing I would put in my sewing queue for Eddie, but I guess that's the fun part of the competition too, you HAVE to do things you normally wouldn't do!

If the fabrics look familiar, you're spot on. I used the scraps from Vincent's Dapper Punk look from when I competed! HA. Would you believe it's the only green fabric I have in my entire stash? So the smallest pattern sizing is a size 2T, way too big for Ed! So instead I printed off the doll pattern, it fit all on one sheet, and I looked at the shape of the pattern pieces and then just drafted it myself from a bodice pattern that fit her.

So once I put it all together, and tried it on Edison, I saw that it was just wayyyy too gapey at the front. I did a little box pleat at the centre front and all was well! I didn't remix it overly much, but here's what I did!

I made it shorter into a tunic and added a box pleat to the front:

I made a split up the centre back, then embroidered 'In Brightest Day..' down the back.

 In case you haven't noticed yet, it's a Green Lantern tunic! Green Lantern is a super hero, if you don't know, and his oath is 
"In Brightest Day, in Blackest Night, 
No evil shall escape my sight
Let those who worship evil's might
Beware my power, Green Lantern's Light!"
Yeh, we do know the oath off by heart (and part of the other Lantern Corps oaths although not in full...), and GL (specifically Hal Jordan) is Tim's favourite superhero!
ANYWAY, I did have intentions of embroidering the entire oath around the hem of the tunic, and then I remembered that I can't embroider very well at all. I think practice makes perfect though, so I will definitely try and do some more embroidery another day. That day is not today.

And the coolest part about this tunic? The Green Lantern symbol on the pocket:

I was first introduced into the world of pieced paper patterns when  Sew What Sherlock, who I follow on Instagram, posted about her Llama pieced paper pattern. OH MY GOSH how cute is it? It got me thinking, and then I saw this ADORABLE skirt, and the idea of incorporating this part of the quilting world (a world SO foreign to me!) into the things I sew for my kids started to brew!

Fast forward to the sew along, and the day I decided to work on the first week's Pattern Remix of the Popover Sundress was the same day I found the Green Lantern pieced paper pattern. The rest, as they say, is history!

I made the pocket first, piecing together the parts of the Green Lantern symbol. It took about 2 hours, but it was actually really fun! It was like doing a puzzle. I found a treasure trove of free pieced paper patterns and I fully plan on doing SOMETHING with them. Somewhere. Somehow.

I really love this little tunic, and you know, I might be tempted to make another for her. We'll see, my sewing queue is going to keep me busy until December I think... ;)

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  1. Such a cute little top! You would think the green and black would look dark on a little girl but it looks really good, I think the ties and open back help. I have never paper pieced or seen a tutorial... I should look it up!

  2. I recognised that fabric right away! I can't get your PR&P outfits out of my mind, too bad I don't have a son, but I do have a nephew and this particular outfit from Vincent is going to be a hugeeee inspiration for one of my PR&P sew along entries.
    I am not familiar with the super here, but I think the tunic looks too cute!

  3. Tee hee... you put your stamp on if for sure..It is a hard pattern to remix as it only has three features - a line style, the contrast piece at the bodice and the bias straps. Project run and play sure is fun!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous, your little is growing up sooo fast

  5. I love it! My girls are really into superheros lately (they are 5 and 4) so they would approve. They love watching superhero cartoons, especially the Avengers because of all the superheros together. They would LOVE a shirt like this!

    The funny thing is, they also do funny girls with their superhero toys. The other day, I overheard them while they were playing with their Gotham City Jail toy: "Oh, let's decorate batman's house."... "Now his house is so beautiful" And then they make batman and snow white get married and have minion children.

  6. That green lantern symbol is awesome! A lot of work involved. I like the embroidery detail too.

  7. super cute - and love the stitched words... I'm about to add mine ;o) *and I recognize that green plaid!

  8. This is too cute! I love the pieced green lantern! We are super obsessed with Superheros!

  9. This is the coolest popover sundress remix! Fun and cute!

  10. SO CUTE. I'd vote for that. haha

  11. Maxie! I love it!
    this pretty girly looks just like her mommy!


  12. Oh my word. Look at her in her denim, getting all big and whatnot. I love this top! :D

  13. She is growing up so quickly! I didn't even recognize her when I was just going through the sew along linky! I recognized the shirt since I had seen the post earlier this week (just finally getting a chance to comment), but she looked so much older in the thumbnail :)
    I love that you only did the first part of the oath. It makes it more mysterious. Even if it wasn't originally planned that way :)

  14. So I have come to your site half a dozen times to comment on this one blog post but every time I do my little spider monkey will do something crazy that I have to stop him so we aren't in urgent care. I have to admit when I saw the paper piecing on IG i didn't recognize it but then when I saw the completed tunic on instagram I totally realized it was a Green Lantern. My husband is a big fan of Iron Man but I don't know if I could think of a good way to make something for Boston that would fit the bill. I love the peek a boo back and the embroidery. I am so glad that you and Suzanne have decided to sew along, keeps the sew along group strong to have some real veterans.

  15. I think the greatest compliment to you is that I picked this one out of the crowd as your work!!!! Awesome work!!!! I love it!


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