Gumball, Gumball!

By ari - September 20, 2013

This week's Project Run & Play theme is Candy! I wanted to sewalong, but I was super conflicted. I believe the last thing a kid needs in their life is candy. Yeh it's a nice treat, but there are so many yummy healthy alternatives that isn't full of sugar and preservatives. Couldn't I make a sultana and apple salad dress? Hah.

However in the name of fashion and sewing along and trying new things I came up with this Gumball Machine shirt for Vincent! When I showed it to him he laughed and said, "Heyyyy, it looks like Benson!" Which is a good thing since Benson is a character in our favourite TV show The Regular Show and he is in, fact, a gumball machine.

That gave me the idea to make Vince some Regular Show character tees, so that got added to my sewing list too.

Anyway back to this shirt! I use some plastic, some red cotton, some silver Lycra and some plastic marbles that look like gumballs! The main fabric of the shirt is leftovers from the lovely lime jersey I received from Riley Blake for the Jersey Love tour. It's so soft. I just love it.

So yeh that is a lot of different fabrics to try and sew together, but I did it! The plastic is reverse appliquéd onto the inside of the shirt, with a circle of the lime jersey behind it. I did originally attempt to have a way for the fake gumballs to come out and be 'dispensed' but my brain just did not want to figure that out so I stitched the rest of the gumball machine on like an appliqué (it was kinda scary trying to iron it and not melt the plastic or scorch the silver lycra!)

I used Dana's free size 5T kids shirt pattern as a base!

He's wearing store bought shorts that his Nanny bought him ^_^ at $5 a pop you can't really go wrong with some nice basics. HOWEVER I really do plan on making 95% of the kids wardrobe if I can! I don't like supporting cheap department stores anymore!

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  1. My youngest really wanted to know if those were actual gumballs. "Pretty convincing and cute," she said. Nice job!

  2. Too cute! For some reason, I see this being all the rage at a little guys (or girls) candy themed birthday party! thanks for sharing!

  3. OMG! You could actually sell this!

  4. Plover e green and what kid wouldn't love a gumball tee?
    Vincent looks so much bigger here.

  5. This is so fun. All the kids including mine would love this top for sure! Great idea.

  6. By far the cutest entry in the candy sewalong! I thought those were real gumball and before I read anything I was searching where they came out... too bad you didn't do that option! ;)

  7. This is amazing, I can only imagine that kids would LOVE it (and then try to tear into it and see if they are real gumballs)

  8. This is so cool! Well everything you make is so cool.

  9. That is awesome!!! you make the most creative things ever. Want to loan your right brain out sometime?


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