Oh Fancy!

By ari - September 21, 2013

Laura from Craftstorming and Titchy Threads sent me her Fancy Pants Leggings pattern to sew up and see what I thought.

What did I think?

Making a size 4T and a size 12 months leggings for the kids took me approximately 40 minutes from cutting to sewing the tags in the back (Vincent is a big fan of having his 'age' in the back of his clothes). I had two t-shirts I had already hacked up and used them as the butt panels. The scraps of the Superman tee became the waistband and ankle cuffs on Vincent's leggings.

Outta my way, Bro!
I used the leftovers from my rainbow gradient stretch fabric I got from Girl Charlee. It's just lovely and I'm sad that I only have a few scraps left! You have definitely seen this fabric before! I used it to make Vincent a Beachy Boatneck way back in March. You know how he complained about it itching? Well it totally doesn't and he wears these leggings (and the shirt) all the time now!

 Edison's leggings are made from a lovely soft stretch fabric I bought from the op-shop many many many moons ago. There is still a little bit left, but you may have seen this fabric in such projects as the Toxic Waist mini skirts and Vincent's strongman singlet.

The pattern runs pretty true to size, Eddie is not quite in size 12month clothes yet (she is chunky but she is also short) and Vincent is usually a bit too skinny for size 4 clothing. I love how straightforward and easy it the pattern is to read and to stitch up! Each size was marked clearly on the pattern, and it wasn't a paper eater (you know when you open a pdf pattern and there's like, 10 bajillion pages to print and you're all like:

well it wasn't like that!). The pattern comes in sizes newborn to 4T (and Laura is working on a 5-10y pattern also). You can do contrast butt panels or just make them from the same fabric, but I discovered that this pattern is AWESOME for using up scraps of fabrics. I have definitely found a use for the giant pile of t-shirts I keep hoarding to 'refashion one day'. FANCY PANTS ALL THE SHIRTS!

There is no elastic necessary, and these look like the comfiest pants ever. Both kids slept in them the night that I made them and Vincent has practically lived in his the past three days. I'm excited to try and find a little time to make some more, so watch this space!

If you check out the reviews tab on the Fancy Pants page, you can check out other people's versions of them and can I just say: WOW? Overall, I loved this pattern for its simplicity, and its uniqueness. It's not just another leggings pattern, and its a nice satisfying quick sew!

I didn't manage to get a nice clear shot of Edison's leggings from the front, but I do have this snap of Vincent last night. He had put his Fancy Pants leggings back on, then rummaged through his drawers until he found the Beachy Boatneck tee. He critiqued himself in the mirror then looked at me very seriously, "Mum. Do you really think I actually look like a superhero?"

Yeh kid. You're always going to be my hero

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  1. I too tested this pattern (size 7years) last week, and definately it is a quick and much satisfying sew. I love the ones on Vincent!

  2. These are really fun. You know what I did this morning, I read your kiddos birth stories. It is fun to see how unique and beautiful (and hard) every birth story can be. I had 2 c-sections too. Ryder was too big so I never dilated. Boston just never engaged and kept doing flips in my stomach (at she change positions every few hours, which feels very weird with a 8 lb baby). With Boston I was hydrated so they like poked me like 10 times to get in the IV. At least with that C-Section they gave me warmed IV's from surgery room so I wouldn't freeze to death and they let me hold Boston for a while.

  3. These are so cute! I want a pair for myself! :) Amazing job as always! :)

  4. Love your fabric choice for these! I tested the size 8 ones for my big, little man and he wears them EVERY night! Really should make another pair or 2 so we don't need to wash as often :/

  5. Max these are way cool. WAY cool! I would totally buy these, if I were the buying not sewing type. Love the colors and the print combo. Nice work me lovely!

  6. Really like these, thanks for the links to titchy threads, definitely want to give them a go

  7. so cute...Love the recycling too!

  8. They are so cool! I can't decide which one I like the best. I'm so happy that you like the pattern. Also, that last picture is adorable.

  9. These are bananas adorable! Love your fabric combos, too! Happy to see Nope Octopus getting out these days. XD

  10. ERMERGERD!!! YOU USED NOPETAPUS!!!!! Cute little bums in those cute little leggings!!!


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