Roar! Tiger Bimaa Sweater Hacks

By ari - October 10, 2013

So I made another Bimaa Sweater. In fact I made two. They're not my first and they'e not going to be my last and now I have made two for Vincent I have decided that yes, this is also a boy pattern!

When Sarah put the call out for tourists for her Bimaa Sweater Blog Tour, I almost missed out! I was in New Zealand, away from a lot of technology, but quick-thinking and amazing Kat quickly put my name down for me as well! I swear I am the Bimaa Sweater's biggest fan girl, (maybe also LouBeeClothing's too!) and I am willing to throwdown (sewdown?) anyone who wants to challenge me on that!

Aren't I lucky that Kat nabbed me a spot? If you haven't already, you need to check out the pure awesomeness that is Kat's stop on the tour. She made a Finn the Human (Adventure Time) Bimaa for her oldest daughter and a Totoro (My Neighbour Totoro) Bimaa for her youngest daughter. My mind is blown. That girl has this crazy gift of sewing exactly what she dreams up.

Okay, back to me, Vincent and Edison in Bimaas and the amazing Sarah of LouBeeClothing who made this pattern!

When Sarah asked if I wanted to pattern test the Bimaa (we are talking like late February I think) , I was keen. I'd already tested her Hosh Pants and I knew that whatever the hell a Bimaa was I was going to like it. That was an understatement! The Bimaa Sweater pattern starts at 12 months and has recently been expanded up to a size 6! It was a little too big for Edison when it was released, she was only 6 months, but she is so tubby it fit her width-ways anyway! Since I pattern-tested the Bimaa sweater many, many moons ago, Sarah has also included a shawl collar and a hood into the pattern as well. That's three epic neck finishes from one little shirt. I've used the Bimaa as a base for many of Eddie's t-shirts as well, just adding a normal neckline.

Just last week I made the coolest Bimaa Sweater I have made to date, Vincent's Viking Bimaa, so I knew for the tour I had to try really hard to make something just as cool.What is cooler than one Bimaa? TWO BIMAAS.

 Since I first made the Bimaa, I really wanted to make the cowl big enough to be worn as a hood. Today my dreams have come true.

I extended the cowl centre-back seam out about double the height of the cowl. On Edison's I lined the cowl-hood in a nice weight of black jersey. On Vincent's I had to hack up a slinky t-shirt so the fabric is much more drapey and doesn't sit as well as Eddie's.

I shortened the sleeve length to make into short sleeves for the kids, it's super hot here, and I also added little ears to the hoods. The kids had a blast today pretending to be tigers! Eddie is at an incredible age right now where she wants to do everything her big brother does, so when he pretended to maul me - she turned around and pretended to roar and tickle me too. I almost died from the cute. (Later I found her sneaking her lunch to my mum's cat Percy).

In the photo above you can see my helpful little Tigers demonstrating how tall I made the cowl necks to make them go over their heads. Hilarious. I also added a little black patch pocket to Vincent's. I'm really into contrast patch pockets lately, plus until I sew their name tags into the shirts I will be able to tell who's is who's (yep, Eddie was asleep when I drafted up her cowl hood so Vincent tried it on for me. Fit him perfectly ahha).

This is the last of my metres of tiger print jersey! I've made many many things out of it and I'm kinda sad to see it go. I only intended on making one Tiger Bima for Eddie, but I decided to make another for Vincent because (a) matching kids is so cute and (b) he'd asked for a tiger t-shirt with ears for a very long time and I had to use the last of the fabric for him before it was too late!

Vincent will now demonstrate for you what it looks like with the hood up and down from the front and back. Ready?

Hood down

Hood up!
Hood Up and Model Pose!

Want to see all my other Bimaas? Click the images to go to the posts!

Check out the other stops on the tour! It's only just begun!

Oh and some outtakes?
Love Edison's "What are you even doing, big brother?" face
"Who invited this guy?"
You can buy the Bimaa Sweater here, and I highly recommend it. This is my TNT (tried 'n' tested) pattern for Edison, and is fast becoming a staple pattern for Vincent too! If you are feeling lucky, you can enter the giveaway! It finishes on the 20th, AEST (so that's like the 19th for my American friends).  
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  1. I love your cowl/hood hybrid!! And just when I thought I couldn't love this pattern any more...

  2. I love the tiger print with this top! I've been eyeing this pattern for awhile, wondering if I could make it for my boy and you've convinced me!

  3. Oh the cuteness!!! You outdid yourself again. Love the idea and ears.

  4. This is some serious cuteness. Love the idea of the extended cowl-hoodie. My boys are now screaming for tiger striped Bimaas of their very own.

  5. So cute! I love them so much. I love the ones with the contrasting cowl that looks like a scarf! :)

  6. These are adorable! And I think your outtakes are just perfect! I'm loving all the cowl neck Bimaa's I've been seeing around. So fun that you combined the cowl and hood!

  7. Love them like this! I've made four so far in the last week....I'm obsessed. I just love this pattern and I love every version you've made! And don't get me started on Kats! Your's are darling, but you just can't top Totoro! ;)

  8. I LOVE costumes that they can wear for everyday clothes! my son's last year was a dino jacket, and both he and my 2 year old have worn it a ton!!

  9. I love the bimaa with Vikings. And the bimaa tiger is so cute.

  10. I love love love these!, think these are my favourite Bimaa's :)

  11. Can you be my mum and make me cool stuff like this? Seriously, your modifications are all kinds of awesome!
    I've briefly heard of this pattern in my interwebs travels, but not paid too much attention... until now! I need to add this to my collection!

  12. You are SUCH a cutie! I lurv you so much I TOTALLY gotcho back, lady! Mwah! And hello, Tiger Bimaas?! FRIGGIN STAPH. So damn cute, I wish Azy and Vin could do a photoshoot together... They are developing some real modeling moves! And Eddie is the cutest little munchkin, I love her! Oh man... Y U SO FAR AWAY!!!?!!! Kisses....

  13. Oh I love the little ears! I have a thing for cute little ears on kids clothes. I'll be sad when my kids get old enough to think that isn't awesome :)

  14. You nailed it again! I love it... and Eddie's wearing the cute shoes again!!!

  15. So far I have only seen it on 4 or 5 blogs and yours is the best. Love the tigers, so adorable!!!

  16. These are so great! I love those growling faces. The Bimaa pattern seems so I love your other versions, too!

  17. I love seeing all these versions! I couldn't pick just one favorite; such a fun pattern. Thanks for the chance!

  18. I have been coveting this pattern since noticing it on your blog a while back; love the boy / girl matching! The tiger shirts look really fun for both of them to wear. My girls are 2 and 4; the copycat behavior kills me too!

  19. I have been coveting this pattern since I first noticed it on your blog a while ago. I love the girl / boy matchiness and the tiger shirts look so fun for both of them to wear! My girls are almost 2 and 4 and the copycat behavior kills me too!

  20. This is awesome!!! I am loving how versatile this pattern is, and especially how 'boy-friendly' it is :)


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