DIY Shorts with Vin!

By ari - October 13, 2013


So while we were packing for our move, I sorted through all the kids clothes. I do it regularly, but sometimes I will fish out a shirt from Vincent's drawers that is like, a size 2, or I will see him wearing something SUPER dorky that I did NOT put in those drawers.

It's quality control ^_^

We found a pair of jeans in his drawers, that while they fit him everywhere else, they were quite short. I cannot deal with short pants. So I had a brainwave! A super original idea! (ha)

I asked the little dude if he wanted to do some DIY with me, and he was super keen! We headed down to my studio and I marked a line on the shorts for him to cut. He has great scissor-wielding skills! I was pretty proud of him. In no time at all he had cut the legs off the jeans and made himself a pair of shorts.


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  1. I really wish we had the type of weather for shorts still but apparently in Scotland we are about to face our worst winter in decades! These look great though so well done to your little guy!

  2. Oh cute?! That's great that you can do things with him. I can't wait until mine is old enough to get her sewing with mommy! hehe

  3. I love that you let him help :) he looks super proud!

  4. Pants that are too short kill me too!



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