Kids Clothes Week - October!

By ari - October 20, 2013

Tomorrow is the first day of this season of Kids Clothes Week!

And tomorrow is also the day the house we are buying settles! Which means during KCW, I will be an official homeowner and am most likely running around the house with paint swatches and dreaming big! We bought a cute-ugly house just out of our town. It's on an acre, has a pool and lots and lots of space! Most importantly, I also have a sewing room again. YAY.

SO, instead of sewing for KCW, I will be actually moving and unpacking and cleaning and changing the locks and trying to find which lightswitch turns on which light. It's okay though, I have a bunch of posts queued up as I actually did Kids Clothes Week LAST WEEK.

A lot of people ask me how I find time to sew *so much*.

During the day, I will randomly pull out a few patterns and look at my fabrics and mentally pair them up. If I have some spare time I will cut out a few things and stack them up in a plastic box well away from exploring hands. I have a four year old who is at Kindy on Mondays and Tuesdays (and every second Wednesday) and a one year old who is always by my side, so when I have time to myself I make the most of it. Sometimes I will sew during the day, but most times I will grab those stacks of pre-cut fabrics and start sewing them up when the kids are in bed at night.

If I have made the pattern before, I can sew it up quite quickly. I know how the pieces go and if it is a pattern I really like I will usually cut out two or three of it in different fabrics and sew them up like a little mini construction line.

Anway, I can't wait to look through all your Kids Clothes Week things this week! Even if you manage to sew one complete item, or a bunch, the main thing is you are sewing! Whether you are sewing for fall, or like me sewing for Spring, just sew! Check out the Kids Clothes Week site, make a profile and upload your projects there. Read the blog for inspiration, tutorials and round-ups of the best on the blogosphere. Most importantly though, just sew ^_^

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  1. Oh congratulations! It's more like kids week all year for some of us, right? Can't wait to see what you did! <3

  2. Wow you're going to have a busy week! Good luck with the move!

  3. Yay for another KCW, I think I'll spend these precious few hours of nap time preparing what I need to get done and prepping. I always think i'll be too busy for KCW but instead will do as you ... sneak ten minutes here and there during the wild of the day. It all adds up and keeps me sane. :)



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