Skinny Vinnie

By ari - October 01, 2013

Skinny Jean Shorts + Vintage V-neck = Skinny Vinnie!

HA, I am amazing at Dad Jokes.

Okay moving right along now, here's the start of a bunch of things I made from the Sew Fab Sale patterns! I already owned quite a few of them - however when I took them out of the equation, as well as some patterns that I probably wouldn't make, the remaining patterns came to a total of $98.45! And I bought it for $29.95 (You can buy the pattern bundle here *affiliate link* and check out all the patterns you get here!)


I'm stoked, and I told Tim and he was stoked too. It's like a really good way of telling him I just spent $30 when we are buying an entire house in 20 days.

Want to see what I made?

First up I made Vincent a Vintage V-neck shirt (pattern by Melly Sews) and *another* pair of skinny jean shorts (Jeans pattern by Peek-a-boo Pattern shop). We went to the farmer's market the other day and I caught sight of two kids from Vincent's kindy that are always dressed really trendy. Now Vinnie is pretty darn trendy, but it has rapidly turned from cold winter straight into hot hot summer! Yeh, Spring? Where are you dude? So Vincent has about 3 pairs of shorts and 70 pairs of pants, and 4 short-sleeved tees vs. 96 long-sleeved tees and jumpers.

That cowlick huh. Also son what are you doing to your junk?

Okay maybe those figures are grossly exaggerated, but you get my drift! I saw those boys at the markets and I looked at Vincent who wasn't dressed exactly in the coolest duds he owns and I felt bad. I mean I sew! I sew cool stuff! Where is all that stuff?

Well, here is the beginning of it ^_^

The Vintage V-neck is a nice and easy t-shirt pattern featuring a v-neck and an optional patch pocket as well as puff, short or long sleeves. The sizes range from 18m-8y which is pretty awesome! I love patterns with such a big size range, as you can sew them again and again when your kiddie grows.

I used a white promo t-shirt (it was advertising paint or something) as the main fabric for the shirt. Using the existing hems on the tee and sleeves made it an even quicker sew! I used the scraps of a red & white striped tee for the neckband (leftovers from Eddie's Tumble Tee)(that pattern is also in the sale actually!), which was quite simple to insert once I read the instructions carefully and stared at the diagram to make sure I was doing it right. I used the same fabric for the patch pocket.

I think the pocket might be a little too big for my liking, so next time I make one for Vince I will make it a tad smaller. I also added a little scrappy strip of the striped fabric onto the hem of one sleeve, just for a little personalisation ya know?

When I showed Vin the tee he was well excited! "Hey! It looks like a sailor shirt!". He wore it yesterday to take pics in it, and then this morning came to me with vegemite all over his face and asked for me to turn it the right way around so he could wear it today as well. It's a good thing when your kid chooses handmade!

The Skinny Jeans pattern is something I have sewn over and over and over and over and over! By now, it doesn't take me too long to make them! When using woven fabrics, they're pretty skinny, and I don't really have to put elastic in them. Well Vincent insists I don't but after he played all day in them yesterday and I saw him tugging them up every now and then I think a bit of sneaky elastic across the back there is going to be good for him ;)

I made them into shorts, since the dude needs shorts and I just love the way these look above the knee! I used a sailor-ish patch on the back pocket, to go with the sailor vibe he was getting from the shirt. The pocket linings are also the red & striped knit I used for the shirt. The fabric is a red broadcloth I got from the op-shop (I used some of it for Edison's Amy Rose Doli dress for Sew Geeky)

Check out all the other patterns in the Sew Fab sale here! Both these patterns can be bought with 24 others for $29.95! Go Go Go!

And don't forget to enter the giveaway!

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  1. Vincent is THE COOLEST! I love this outfit Ari! Looks so pro! :D Up highs!

  2. Vin in certainly the best dressed little boy I know. <3 Well done my friend!


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