The nightgown that isn't a nightgown

By ari - October 04, 2013

Ready for some more Sew Fab Sewing? This is starting to feel like I'm doing Kids Clothes Week early! haha.

What you are looking at is Edison in the Sadie Grace Nightgown by Seamingly Smitten Patterns and a pair of Fancy Pants Leggings by Titchy Threads. I styled it with a little bandanna I made from the same fabric as the shirt.

I made the Sadie Grace Nightgown  into a little dress for Eddie! I sewed it up in the 1-2T sizing, but this pattern starts at 6months and goes right up to a size 8. Although I think a little nightie on Edison would be SO CUTE, the girl loves to fiddle with the tabs on her nappies. If she isn't wearing something to cover her nappy that thing is off and she is being a rudey nudey. Seeing her little butt is cute, but not practical!

The pattern instructions are written with the beginner in mind, so this is a PERFECT pattern for people who aren't so confident in their stitching skills. The sizing is quite roomy on Eddie, and she is a typical size 1 (12months) at the moment (if a little on the short side). It's hot and sunshiney here at the moment, so I wanted something light for the babe, and so I sewed it up in the leftovers of this wondeful Ikea fabric. I kept the long sleeves, to be Sun Smart you know (lathering suncream on her sensitive skin every day isn't amazing)

I made the nightgown into a shorter length for Edison, I am all about seeing yummy baby knees and thighs. When she grows up and it turns into a shirt/tunic she can wear it with jeans or leggings! To make it this length, for the 1-2T size I just cut it off at the page join on the pattern. I also omitted the ties. I wanted it like a breezy kaftan thing, and although it turned out a lot wider than I thought, I still think the little miss pulls it off!

I made a pair of blue & white striped Fancy Pants Leggings to go underneath. I wanted them to be a capri length but uh... Eddie apparently has short legs because even after shortening the pattern they still came down to her ankles! Hahah!

The bandanna is just a tube of fabric with the ends sewn. I measured the length around my head first, and it came out a great size for her!

Come back tomorrow to see Vincent's shorts!

This was the only shot I got of the floral panel in the Fancy Pants Leggings! She was having too much fun adventuring in the empty room with her brother!

The Sadie Grace Nightgown pattern and the Fancy Pants Leggings pattern are two of the 26 patterns you can get as part of the Sew Fab bundle! To check out all the other patterns, read my post here, or to buy, just click the button below! It works out to be around $1.15 a pattern. YEH!

(That is an affiliate link)

Edit: If you are wanting to buy this pattern bundle specifically for the Sadie Grace Nightgown, head over to Seamingly Smitten's to buy the same bundle from her. Likewise if you are wanting to buy this bundle specifically for the Fancy Pants Leggings, head on over to Craftstorming and show Laura some love.

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