Viking Bimaa for Boys

By ari - October 02, 2013


You may know the Bimaa Sweater (by LouBee Clothing) from such posts on this blog as the TARDIS Bimaa, Refashioning Roses, Moon Glory, and as a base for many of Edison's tees. You've only seen the one version from me, and probably most places on the blogosphere. Long-sleeved and with a gorgeous cowl-neck. 

Did you know that not only is there a shawl neck included in the pattern, there is also a new hood feature? You know me, I am always trying to make rad boy stuff for my rad boy. And although at first glance the Bimaa Sweater looks like a girl pattern, that's where you're not entirely right!

The hood pattern for the Bimaa is three pieces, and unlike any hood I have sewn before! However I love it so much! That's one of my favourite things about LouBee Clothing, Sarah is always doing things differently to how I would do things, and I discover I LIKE the different!

I used the Green Vikings organic jersey from Kitschy Coo. I have had it for a while now, but was so anxious about cutting into it. I mean it is so soft, an so gorgeous, and so lovely! However I felt confident in my Bimaa skills, and I knew if there was ever a perfect pattern for that fabric it would be the Bimaa Sweater (saving the scraps for a Little Skater for Eddie!)

I made two little white Viking horns for the hood, Vincent is a bit irritated at me that I didn't make them stand up. Next time I will interface them or stuff them or something. My bad, haha. The hood lining and the sleeve and hem bands are leftovers from the Riley Blake lime jersey from the Jersey Love tour.

I made the sleeves short, since ain't nobody got time for long-sleeves around these parts! It's a fun and comfortable shirt, and my love for knits has been born this year because of patterns and fabrics like this.

I can't wait to try the shawl collar version of the pattern out, as well as maybe make a cowl-version for Vincent in winter. I'm sure the kid can rock it.

You can get the Bimaa Sweater as well as 25 other patterns in the Sew Fab Pattern Bundle sale! You have 8 days left to grab this awesome deal!

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  1. Shut the front door! I loooove it!!

  2. love the horns and i love that viking fabric! makes me want to make a bimaa for my boy too! maybe the shawl collar version in a manly heavy fabric...? hmmmm.

  3. Oh my gawwwd, Max this is amazing. Love your work. And also the new blog design by the way.

  4. Ohhh I have been loving that fabric awesome to see it made up!

  5. you just saved my halloween pattern search! I didnt know sarah added a hoodie option! and i just bought the bundle thanks to you and sarahs awesome pictures all week!! haha

  6. I bought the bundle but now I need to buy printer ink :) I hope your son loves his top as much as I do. I really am considering one in my size. Wonder how that would go over at my son's high school?

  7. I love this as a short sleeved top! It's too bad I spent the time adjusting the flashback skinny tee to be a short sleeved hoodie, because I could have just waited and done it with this. Lol. You should be able to make those ears on the hood stand up by sewing in a well placed tack somewhere at the base to anchor it.

  8. This is so much fun! Love it... too bad I don't have a boy right now!


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