Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Stylo Magazine!

All Photos are credited to Kristina Childs Photography and Max California for Stylo Magazine!

Oh my gosh you guys I still can't handle the level of epic that is going on right now. A few months ago I worked my butt off, and so did a bunch of other incredible bloggers, and today we get to show you what we did!

Stylo is the brainchild of Celina Bailey of  Petit A Petit and Family and Jessica Abbott of the Sewing Rabbit. It's a kids fashion magazine, free online, but it focuses on the handmade. Every single thing in the magazine you can make yourself! The patterns used are credited at the bottom of each set. It's 134 pages of AWESOME.

I'm serious. It's mind-blowing! I cannot believe I was a part of its very first issue, because the majority of ladies who contributed also were my inspiration to start sewing for Vincent four years ago!

I'm going to do a more in depth post later of everything I made, and a million more photos, but for now, here's a few of my favourites! The photos were all taken by my incredibly talented friend Tina of Kristina Childs Photography and I can't wait to share them all with you! We are very fortunate to have snagged the cover of the magazine, and our set starts on page 123. You're seriously going to LOVE STYLO!!

For Eddie I used:
Aztec Hooded Vest - See Kate Sew
Apple Loungewear - Shwin Designs (tunic only)
Bubble Bloomers - Kikoi Patterns (Now Amelie Clothing)
Baby Tights - free pattern by Made by Rae!

For Vinnie:
Reversible Zippy Hoodie - Kitschy Coo
Bimaa Sweater - LouBeeClothing
Rascal Pants - Felicity Patterns

 In the next few days I'll break their outfits down for you. And more pictures!

They got attacked by Robert lol!


Monday, 13 January 2014

Vincent's Fourth Blazer


I'm a little excited because I have been sewing for Vincent again and there is seriously nothing that I enjoy sewing more than stuff for him. Sorry Edison, but them's the facts!

At the end of last year, I was a bit drained. I'd bought a house, moved several times to get to the house, and was generally stressed out to the Max California. I had no sewjo, and the kids had HEAPS of clothes. I was pretty sure that I wouldn't sew for them for a while, and by making that unconscious decision I just stopped sewing. Luckily Robin from Pattern Revolution contacted me and asked if I wanted to be part of her pattern tour. I checked out her newest pattern, and I just couldn't say no!

Canaan's Incredible Blazer is a fully lined blazer with a revere collar and optional hood. You can also add elbow patches if you want, and two styles of pocket flaps (there's a 'girly' version!). There are also optional shoulder straps, which of course I added because epaulettes = love!

 I sewed up the size 5 for Vincent, even though he is a 4. It's not blazer weather here at all. Well it is, sort of. It's BLAZING hot. Errr, I've made that joke twice now and I still find it amusing! Anyway, I didn't want to make Vincent a beautiful blazer he wouldn't get much wear out of this season, and as you can imagine my kids' wardrobes are crammed full of handmade clothes (and awesome hand-me-downs in Eddie's case!). So I am sewing a season ahead! I always think it's something I should do, but now I am actually doing it! This lovely blazer is now put away in Vincent's Winter Clothes box, and I'm really excited to fill it up with handmade things!

I made this blazer up in a suiting fabric I bought at the op-shop about a year ago, for $3. I have about 2 metres left of it too, so I am planning on some pants to match! The hood is black fleece, to make it kind of look like he is wearing a hoodie under his blazer. I lined the jacket with black poplin, but the back lining is scraps of black batman fabric. Also the sleeves are black and white striped because I was running out of plain black.

It was a little tricky to sew. Maybe because I haven't sewn anything like this in a while, it's not just a t-shirt you can zip up on the sewing machine! The blazer requires a little bit of time, and a bit of concentration. I unpicked the hood from the back of the jacket about four or five times, however I was determined to not let it get the best of me! However now it is done, I am really in love with it. It turned out how I envisioned, which is AWESOME, but it looks really comfortable and I can't wait for him to wear it in the colder weather!

There are a lot of pages to print for the pattern, but I kind of preferred it this way because it meant that putting the pattern together was quite straightforward and simple!

Come play tourist and check out the other stops on the tour!

Canaan's Incredible Blazer is available at the My Little Plumcake shop now!

PS. Can you believe Vincent is FIVE this year, and is starting school in just 2 weeks?


Saturday, 4 January 2014

The Ghost who Walks

Happy New Year!

I was off camping in serial killer country (not really) (sort of) and so I didn't really have much planned for the blog to see out the year with a bang! I might do a round up later, but for now it is time for House of Estrela's Refashion Month for 2014!