What Would Celina Do? Pink Jumpsuit

By ari - February 20, 2014

I'm very very excited to bring you today a top-secret little sewing event thought up & organised by the lovely Laura of Craftstorming! The idea is that a mass amount of bloggers from around the blogosphere would create something inspired by the lovely Celina of Petit a Petit and Family and on the same day we simultaneously post our creations! Celina is a very inspiring woman, she seems to have her finger in every pie and uses every single of the 24 hours given to her every day I swear! She is amazing and I really enjoy 'knowing' her!

I decided to recreate this jumpsuit for Edison. I really love the origmai-esque folding at the front there, and it was much easier than it looked to do! Celina used the Fancy Pants leggings pattern ad then added a bib front and straps to her jumpsuit for her daughter.

I didn't put interfacing in the bib, but I think I should have! I really love how simple it was to fold! It took me a little unpicking to realise that the straps should go on the SIDE of the bib instead of the top where most straps go. The way the fold changes the bib shape means the straps sit different.

Instead of cross-over straps, I left them long and made them a halter neck. I love the way they sit on her cute little back!

I didn't add the waistband, just folded over the back and hemmed it. I think it sits a teensy bit too low because little Ed's nappy get poking up everytime she move and I had to keep tucking it in for the photos! Next time, waistband that!

The two-tone shoes were a last minute decision! I decided I wanted to do her shoes, but the only ones I had were these grey TOMS-esque babies from Best & Less ($8 yo!). Using Celina's tutorial here, I quickly & easily painted these shoes for the little shoot. Hitting them with the hairdryer made this like a 10 minute job!

Check out all the other party people for this fun event!

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  1. iep! this is just so cute, I can't even handle it. That origami fold is seriously cool, and the whole outfit is beyond adorable. Then Edison!?!? Mahgosh! Too much.

  2. Oh me Oh my! The cutest is too much to handle. I absolutely love your version of the jumpsuit- it looks fantastic and so do the shoes. I am such a lucky girl to have such good friends as you- you inspire me daily and could not imagine blogging without you. Thank you so much for taking part of this crazy idea of a tour. I feel so very honored and loved and I am in total shock! thank you from the bottom of my heart. xxx

  3. She is the cutest! Really turned out awesome!

  4. I was hoping someone would recreate this jumpsuit! It's one of my favourite things Celina's made and you totally did it justice. I love the way you changed up the straps and the shoes are adorable! Awesome job.

  5. I love how you designed the heart shaped front! So cute!

  6. So so so adorable. Only a gorgeous baby could get away with this (my boobs would be hanging out!)

  7. So much pink! Love it! She looks so grown up in the second pic.

  8. That must be the coolest jumpsuit on the most adorable girl ever. Not to mention the shoes!!! PERFECT

  9. OMG!!! How freaking cute is she?? I love this!!


  10. That girl! She is too cute. I love the jumper and your take on Celina. Such a fun project. :)

  11. The combination of the jumpsuit and the girl is beyond-words adorable!


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