Small Fry Skinny Jeans: Motorcycle Style!

By ari - March 13, 2014

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I'm really bad at timezones!

I'm pretty excited to be showing you my version of the Small Fry Skinny Jeans by Titchy Threads (aka Laura of Craftstorming). If you've been folowing the tour, no doubt you've heard about how amazing this pattern is, how thorough it is and how it is actually a lot of work to make a pair of damn fine jeans! But you've seen all the jeans that have been made with this pattern, and can I just say the quality has been A+? It's not the sort of pattern you rush through to get it done, it's the sort of pattern you know if you take your time and do things properly (something I am trying to learn this year!) then you're going to end up with some amazing jeans!

Don't forget you can buy the pattern using discount code TOUR20 at the checkout to get 20% off your purchase! Hells yeh.

Alright, so here's the deal. Jeans rule, but for the longest time I've been wanting to make myself a pair of motorcycle-type jeans. So what do I do when I want to sew something for myself? I sew it up for one of my kids instead. Of course!

I was aiming to get started on the kids wardrobes for Winter, but these jeans fit Vincent now, which makes him pretty stoked about that! He LOVES these jeans, and I wish I had made them up in bottle green so that he could wear them to school because he definitely would. The kid loves skinny jeans. And leggings. If it's baggy, it doesn't get worn (you should have seen the tears when he had to wear tracksuit pants to school the other morning. yeesh!). Are any of your kids pedantic about their clothes like that? Let's not get started on how he always needs his hair slicked down!

So I traced out the jeans, they're a size 3 width and a size 4 length because I knew the boy would want them tight, and the fabric I used is a stretch denim, but probably more stretch than actual denim. I bought it a million years ago at a garage sale. The first thing I made from it was a pair of little skinny-leg pants for chunky Vince way back in 2010!

I marked little panels for the jeans on the pattern I had traced out, each leg has 4 panels on the front and three on the back. For the second panel, I was going to do tiny little pin tucks to make the lines stand out more, but I didn't have enough fabric so I just topstitched the panels and I think they turned out alright!

 And, as usual with clothes for Vincent, the all important lego pocket! I added a welt pocket to the front of one of the lower panels of the pants. It's lined with the same fabric as the main pockets, the scraps leftover from this dress. Satiny fabric with The Phantom printed on it. Vincent loves the comic appeal as well as the way it feels when he puts his hands in there.

That flesh coloured part is the pocket lining, part of the Phantom's face haha, not Vincent's pasty shin!

I decided the back was a bit plain without any of the motorcycle jean inspired stitchings, even though I added little back-of-the-knee panels The back pocket is one long rectangle. Tim was so adamant it wasn't going to look an good, and as usual when he announces those sorts of things about my ideas I take it as a personal challenge to prove him wrong!

What do you reckon? Do you think I succeeded?

The best part about sewing for my kids is that it doesn't really matter what anyone else thinks, hah! I think it looks rad, Vincent thinks it's fun, and they're his absolute favourite jeans right now so I personally feel like I have won the lotto with these bad boys!

The back belt loops I crossed over into a little x, just for fun!

The Small Fry Skinny Jean Pattern is simply amazing. It's like no other pattern I have used before and it definitely sets the benchmark. Usually I prefer quick sews, but with something like jeans you really need to not rush through every step. Laura's pattern illustrates every step beautifully, with very clear instructions! You only have to print out the size that you need, and the sizings are just spot on! I really can't peak high enough praises on this pattern!

This badass mural was painted by my friend Alysa! 
 If you're keen on sewing your kids' wardrobes like I am (life goal to have the majority of the kids' stuff made by me, and at the moment it is sitting at about 70%) (they have a lot of clothes) (and shoes) (so many shoes), then you're definitely going to want the Small Fry Skinny Jeans pattern in your arsenal. It's multi-sized, stretching from newborn right up to size 12! I

FYI, he busts out most of these poses himself these days. I just tell him to move his leg a little more stronger or not to plaster on his fake smile. Werk it, son!

There's so many options with this pattern too. You can make them into shorts, there's two pocket options and two fly options. Don't feel like you can handle sewing in a zip? No probs! Laura helps you sew in a half-fly! You know what though? Definitely give the zip fly a go! Her instructions rule and at the end you're going to be all like "Hells Yes! I just sewed a pair of JEANS." And you know you want to be able to say that!

I've got grand plans of sewing up the kids Winter Wardrobes this year, and these skinnies are the first item on my list I have knocked off. I plan to make a plain black pair for both the kids and then a statement pair for both of them too! Just need to find some show-stopping stretch fabric in a good weight! I'm hitting the op-shops at the time of this post, so if you follow me on Instagram you'll know if I find success or not!

Shirt: 'Oops My Bad' tie-dyed - Oopsydaze Kids 
Hat: Hurley 'Krush' - surf shop Sunshine Plaza
Shoes: Globe 'Superfly'- eBay
Belt: World Industries - opshop
Jeans: Made by mama, pattern by Titchy Threads

Click the blogs below to go and see what they mad for the tour! You're going to be blown away, promise!

Also check out this face How I can stand looking at it every day I have no idea.. ;)

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  1. I love them! I've been following this pattern tour and was so excited when I saw it was your day - I knew you'd do something amazing with them, and you didn't disappoint! Such a great interpretation.

  2. Love these!!
    Have been wanting to do motorcycle pants and this might be my push.
    Great work!!

  3. You are incredible! "Usually I prefer quick sews" - are you kidding me? You split those jeans in millions of pieces! As if it wasn't enough to achieve without them ;)
    LOVE those jeans. you really are a sewing rockstar!

  4. SO great! I love all the details you added!

  5. super cool jeans, super cool kid, super cool mom. your version rocks. love love love.

  6. Those are the most badass pair of kid's jeans I think I've ever seen. You totally rocked it! I'm loving that little leg pocket.

  7. These are SO awesome. I'm dying over that back pocket. Too, too cool for school.

  8. WOW MAX! Let me tell you, I got tired just by looking at these photos. This pattern is a lot of work but you just added a lot extra with all the amazing details you did. Oh and guess what? I will be using a lot of your boy's inspiration after all ;)

  9. MAX!!! I love these so much, I wish I had time to make some for my boys right now. Too cool! Thanks so much for being on the tour today.

  10. I'm seriously in love. I just have to make some for my boys!

  11. AMAZING! I had no idea that motorcycle pants looked like this, even though I just sewed up some Ryder Trousers I didnt make the connection! I love that you experiment Ari! Amazing job :)

  12. Three words: Totally. Freaking. EPIC.

    That is all.

  13. Very cool, I've been looking for a skinny jeans pattern to love, thank you :)

  14. SO DAMN COOL!!! love the topstitching, love the lego pocket, love the fit. also chunky baby vincent is probably one of the more adorable babies ever. NAILED IT.

  15. These are rockin. The details are so cool. Love that you sew for your boy.

  16. I'm so glad that you talked about using the pattern too! I've been working up the nerve to try this pattern (I'm also usually of the "quick sew" school of thought) and I love that you mentioned how rewarding it was to stick with it even though it wasn't easy. Though as cool as yours are, I think sticking to the pattern will be enough of a challenge for me ;)

  17. These are awesome! I love the knees!

  18. Love these! So freakin' cool! The bum pocket rocks! Such great detailing.

  19. These are so awesome. This was a totally bold move and they turned out so great! I admire your ballsiness!

  20. Wow that peeking pocket is adorable. Loved the style.

  21. I love these pants. If you wanted to make them for yourself...what pattern would you use!!

    1. i used the Small Fry Skinny Jeans pattern c:


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