Straight Lines and Angles: Heart of Gold Origami Bimaa

By ari - March 27, 2014

Good morning or afternoon to you! So lately I've been trying really hard (like harder than I normally do) to make stuff that makes people go WOW. Or at least go "Woah did you see that awesome thing that Max made?" I feel it's a good goal to have, there's enough eh in the world you know? I don't know if I got WOW status with this little outfit in the online sewing community, but in the town I live in people were like "Woah go eddie!" But then again, I've only just moved here and they haven't seen half the stuff I have made!

Jess from If They Would Only Nap is hosting a fun series called Straight Lines and Angles. I had a few ideas for this, but in the end decided that although I LOVE sewing for my little dude, Eddie deserved a little love and I tweaked my original idea for her.

I'm also starting to sew the kids winter gear (starting with Vincent's motorcycle jeans last week) for this year...


Ha that never gets old. Anyway, so I have given myself a challenge (i love challenges!) and I will go into more detail about it in another blog post, but this little outfit is counting toward Eddie's winter wardrobe.

For the t-shirt dress, I used the Bimaa Sweater pattern by LouBeeClothing. I just made a regular t-shirt neck for it, instead of the cowl, shawl or hood options the pattern provides. I sewed this up in a size 2 because really, my children do not NEED any more clothes, so I'm trying to be smart and sew them clothes they will grow into. I'm not looking forward to photos of them where everything is too big though, ha!

I lengthened the shirt to be just above her knee, but I forgot it was size 2 so it ended up being longer than I wanted it. I still love it though, and again, lots of room for growing! The stripey fabric is leftovers from the Run Around Shorts I made last year. It's from Riley Blake's knit basics range and I just love how soft it is! And stretchy! If you're looking for a good striped jersey, I highly recommend this stuff!

For the heart, I searched for origami patterns. After failing about six of them, I found one that worked in the fabric I was using. Yes. I came up with the brilliant idea of using gold lycra for origami.

It was fiddly, I used iron-on interfacing to stop it from stretching out too much, and I used A LOT of pins. To sew it I put some greaseproof paper between the heart and my presser foot and used a longer stitch length than normal and it was actually quite easy to stitch down!

The original origami pattern calls for pleated wings, and although the paper version I made up did have cute fan-folded wings, it was just way too bulky doing the same in the lycra! I think it still worked out pretty cute, and I love how the front opens when Eddie moves to make it look more origmai-esque!

Her gold leggings are equal parts C3PO, Kylie Minogue and See Kate Sew inspired! (everytime I think of gold anything I think of all the gold things she has made!). Oh I just remembered that Shauna from Shwin & Shwin made some gold leggings too!

I use my own pattern for the leggings. I thought this lycra would be awful to sew with but it's thicker than normal lycra that I've sewn with in the past. I've made costumes and swimsuits but this is just lovely. The rest of the gold is set aside for a costume for a special lady in my life ^_^

Both patterns I used are patterns I have used over and over. I love trying new patterns and finding new favourites, but it's really good to have an arsenal of basic patterns in your stash so that you can do what you like with them!


Oh so Eddie is turning into quite the little model like her older brother. This is her "Eddie give me a smile!" face...

Her bandanna is just a strip of lycra tied around her head, but I really think that accessories are really important with styling an outfit!

Check out the other guests on the tour!

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  1. wow factor for sure... again...

  2. Such a little rock star ;) Love her smile and she is really starting to look like Vince!

  3. I definitely think this is a WOW, the origami heart is amazing and I love the gold lycra. Jealous of your photo shoot location too, maybe I should graffiti my back garden :)

  4. Well I say whoa! I love the outfit! Super cute. That's Gold is just so cool!

  5. hee! so cute! I love the line graphics you added to the photos

  6. I forgot how much I loved that Riley Blake jersey. I need to get some more of that! And gold. I need gold in my life.

  7. OHMIGOSH. That last pic just about knocked me off my chair from the cuteness. Seriously. I ADORE this outfit-and she looks so cute in it! Loving the outline around her in some of the pics, too!

  8. OMG! So freakin cute! Great job! Love the "smile" pic.

  9. This is awesome, love the outfit and your lil girl is so cute!


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