Tuesday, 8 April 2014

KCW Day 1: September Tunic

It's my first Kids Clothes Week in a while! It's a little bit exciting although there is no way I am at the level I used to be of churning  out multiple garments a day! I know, I know even that was a bit extreme, but it's hard to just sew for one hour when you're surrounded GLOBALLY by mamas doing the same thing.

However, on Monday I managed to sew up a September Tunic for Edison! I finished the buttonholes this morning and she wore it to the movies with her Burned Velvet Black Milk Clothing leggings. Okay, I promise they really are Black Milk! I resized them down to Eddie size and I think she really rocks them, even though the feel of velvet freaks me out.

I used a pretty teal-coloured fabric I scored for $1 at the op shop. I'm not sure what it is exactly, it's like a thick broadcloth but it frays worse than tartan - yikes! The buttons down the back are still from my winnings from Project Run & Play, a nice little haul of black buttons I chose from Lots of Buttons. I think I'm pretty much ready to make another order there because these bad boys have been so rad to have in my stash! Unfortunately this is the only photo I took of the back! We were rushing out the door to see the Lego Movie and I wanted to get photos before she got it dirty (inevitable!)

Ever since I saw my girl Sarah's September Tunic she made for sweet little Emmy, it's become stuck in my head that it's a pattern I wanted to do! Hell if I have similar fabric I probably would have made one identical to Sarah's! Ha! The September Tunic is a really good-looking pattern that I was really drawn to because it looked sort of classy? I know, I know it's me but I really did like the look of it! So when I was contacted by Perfect Pattern Parcel to do a round #2 I was pretty stoked to find what was inside (seriously I plan on making them ALL this week for KCW! Stay tuned yeh?). You can check out what I made from the first Perfect Pattern Parcel as well as more details on it! Or you can wait until next week when I will be promoting the PPP again! (this is an unofficial one hahha).

She was being a rocketship... The pattern is so easy, with just two actual pattern pieces!! I highly recommend this for a beginner sewist and is great for conquering fears you may have on gathering, buttons and buttonholes and...

My absolute favourite part about this pattern? It gave me the nads to do a blind hem! At first I wasn't so sure even though the instructions are beautiful and clear on how to handsew a blind hem! I grabbed my manual for my sewing machine, wondering if I had a blind hem foot and you know what? I DID.

I was so excited and scared to give it a while, and seriously it took about ten minutes to prepare the hem and sew it. I posted it up on Instagram and my sewing and non-sewing friends alike were impressed! I'm SO STOKED. I am going to blind hem everything now! It's such a neat and professional-looking finish don't you think?

What have you accomplished for KCW so far? What do you hope to sew up this week? Have you ever sewed a blind hem before?

Perfect Pattern Parcel #2

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