Sew Geeky Episode II: Luke Skywalker & Princess Leia Organa

By ari - May 04, 2014

It has been way too long between Sew Geeky episodes; real life goes on and on and on and on and it throws all sorts of things at you but one thing never changes, and that is our love for all things geeky!

Joining us this episode is the very talented Tara from Girl like the Sea as well as my co-host Kat from Sew Chibi!

This episode's theme? It's Star Wars of course!

I made the kids Luke & Leia costumes, and if you want to stick around I have a million photos to share with you as well as a guide on how I made it all!

Return of the Jedi - Luke Skywalker

Vincent's current hero is Luke Skywalker, which is pretty cool because usually his heroes are the 'bad guys' or the most obscure characters that no one has even heard of. When I was making his outfit, he decided on the black outfit Luke wears in Return of the Jedi, and of course once I was done mucking around with the shirt and showed him he was like "o.O This isn't white!" I was like... come on! So I started making him the traditional white outfit that Luke wears and as I was working on it Vincent kept asking questions about the Return of the Jedi Luke. It got to the point where he eventually decided that he wanted to be the black Luke instead of the white Luke.


His shirt was a little tricky, like at first I was, oh its just a mandarin-collared shirt with a bib front! It kind of reminds me of a dentist's shirt actually! Anyway, I'm not sure if I made things super complicated for myself by using an existing pattern (vintage) or whether I should have just drafted the entire thing from scratch myself.

I basically made up a boy's button up shirt but changed the collar to a mandarin collar. Then I made a bib for the front with a white lining and stitched most of it onto the shirt. I added two little press-studs so the flap can fall down like in the movie (to show that even though he is wearing black like a 'villain' he was really a 'good guy' all along!) as well as easy access to the button front of the shirt.

 Some great reference photos of Luke in his outfit, as well as costumes people have made also can be found here.

Vincent's, I mean Luke's, black pants are Hosh Pants of course! I made them size 4 but with a size 5 length. Actually they could even be a size 3 width, I'm not entirely sure! All I know is that they are the skinniest pants he owns, and his favourite! I used black cotton poplin for them and they were whipped up in a jiffy!

I traced around his hand on some paper, then stitched the paper right onto a folded piece of charcoal-coloured stretch fabric. Then I cut it out, pulled the paper out and flipped it inside out. VOILA A GLOVE! It's a little too tiny for him, but he wore it the entire day at Supanova (and the next day just because).

A New Hope - Princess Leia

Edison is, of course, Luke's sister Leia! Vincent decided on who she would be, and while I normally tried to stay away from the obvious costumes from the Star Wars movies I gave in because he is so cute and so is she and also you can't fight his reasoning of  "Well Enzson has to be Princess Leia. She's my sister!"

She doesn't have quite enough hair for the bagel style do that Leia wore, but little piggytails is good enough!

Her dress is, for the most part, very movie accurate. Except for the belt which is absent! I poured over photos of the senatorial gown Leia wears throughout most of the first movie, and with the help of the Padawan's Guide and P&S Costume Creations (with tips from here also)  I made Eddie a lined gown with a hood attached!. If you are into making Star Wars costumes or ever think you will, I highly recommend you bookmark those three places. They're a WEALTH of information with amazing tips and lots of great reference photos!

 The big thing I realised with this outfit that I didn't realise until I had to work out how to make it: is that the hood, is actually not a hood. As in there is no centre back seam like a regular hood, it is a long rectangle of fabric with the short ends stitched into the back neck of the dress! When you put it on your head, it is open at the back (although that is not too obvious at all).

The dress reminds me of a nun's habit, or some choir girl get up, especially when Eddie has the hood up!

The sleeves are slightly flared, the neck is just a rectangle. In all of the other Leia dresses I saw they made the neckband curved but I thought it was unnecessary to do that. I did a high rectangle, folded it in half and before I sewed it onto the neck of the dress I sandwiched the edges of the hood into it too. The back has a small slit that does up with a simple hook and eye!

Check out the awesome things that Kat and Tara made! You're going to flip out.

May the Fourth be with you!

Oh, and the bloopers..

And some photos of the kids I snapped with my phone when we went to Supanova!

Hope you guys had an excellent Star Wars Day and May the Fourth be with you!

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  1. Your outfits turned out so good! I love the Luke shirt. The Leia dress I made for Clover ages ago was made by studying the Padawan's guide and looks so similar. It was a revelation moment when I realized the hood is a gathered rectangle. Clover looks like a nun in her hood too. Hahaha.
    Love it! Especially the bloopers

  2. awesome as usual...May the Fourth be with you !!

  3. All so incredibly cute. I've just been watching Flash Gordon and dreaming up some ridiculous costumes! Love what you've made here and the kids are gorgeous

  4. LOVE it. you guys are so great!

  5. They're outfits are PERFECT! So well sewn! I love the depths to which you went to make yours movie accurate!!! Mine on the other hand is not! ;-) But damn if it doesn't feel good posting Sew Geeky stuff again amiright?! And those derp Eddie pics and Vin dancing and photobombing... omg hilarious. multiple lives were lost in the loling. Wish that pic of him with the imperial royal guards were here too! Can't wait to keep rolling with the Star Wars fun with you and Tara!

    i love you. . . ;-)
    Hugs & Sith-es,

  6. I LOVE that the family stickers on the back of your car are stormtroopers! So perfect for your family!

  7. I LOVE that the family stickers on the back of your car are stormtroopers! So perfect for your family!

  8. The Eddie out takes are too funny! It's great to see you ladies back at it :)

  9. so cool! love what you've done! and thanks for adding the bloopers - i had a good laugh!

  10. I can't even handle how cute and perfect they are. Lordy. So glad you're back with Sew Geeky!!!

  11. Nawwwwww! I only just got around to reading your blog again. Life has been crazy! The bloopers made me LOL. You're kids are adorable!

  12. One of my mates husband has a storm trooper costume! Like a legit one. He even belongs to a legion and does appearances with them and everything! It's awesome!

  13. I'm definitely going to have to pin this for future reference. Your tiny version of Leia + all the reference sites = total win for me.


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