Summer of Soleil

By ari - May 29, 2014

The theme for this summer has got to be showing off cute little baby backs (ribs?). Unfortunately for me it's autumn here! Except that it's been a really weird autumn (classic south east Queensland style really) and it's been beautiful perfect sunny weather. Apparently it's an Indian Summer. Which is awesome, and perfect for a Soleil dress don't you think?

I'm lucky enough to have been asked by Lauren of Selvage Designs to sew up her newest (and first?) pattern the Soleil Dress! Here's the part where you get to see the baby back I was talking about:

Delicious! This pattern is such a lovely and simple sew, not as technical and confusing as it might seem! I'm really disappointed in myself with how I sewed this up though, my mind has been elsewhere and I made a few mistakes but they were easy to rectify! For one I forgot to sew the pocket bags in until after I'd sewn the ribbing in. Ugh I felt SO stupid. But I managed to fix it and it looked just fine :)

Also I screwed up the neckline and armholes, I serged everything there instead of using my sewing machine and the stretch stitch so the seam allowances around those areas are way smaller which makes the pieces much wider! Mistakes aside, and mistakes you probably wouldn't even notice if I hadn't have pointed them out to you, this dress was just lovely to sew up! The fabric I've been saving since Project Run & Play, I can't remember whether it was from Girl Charlee or the Fabric Fairy (sorry! I feel terrible) but I looked for it on both those places and neither of them sell it anymore anyway!

It's beautiful but very slinky and was really hideous to cut out. You know when you cut fabric and everything moves and you get thee great jagged lines around the curves? Ugh, yeh that! I complained the entire time to Kat about it and she never gave up on me even when I was like I HATE THIS FABRIC and then 20 seconds later I was done and I was like I LOVE EVERYTHING. Yes it can be traumatic to be the person that listens to me when I'm sewing, but Kat is very sympathetic haah!

Check out her mad kicks she wanted to wear. You cannot come between this girl and her shoes (it was her first word for goodness' sake!). Her leggings are made from my leggings pattern, in the biggest size (9-12mths I believe?). They were originally a pair of leggings I got for myself from Jessica Louise, but when I put them on I was really peeved that there was minimal difference between the front and back rises. Sooo I wasted a lot of money on something that I usually never splash cash on and the leggings sat around unworn because they feel halfway down my butt everytime i thought to give them another go. Eventually I just cut them into leggings for Eddie! They look super fly with her Heart of Gold dress!

I sewed this dress up in the 18 month size because Eddie is short and chunky and my little miss piggy. She's almost 2! I also took a good four inches of the hem to make it sit mid-thigh, but you know I saw a maxi dress of this and LOVED it (by Heidi & Finn) and originally when I was thinking of how much shorter I should make it I was thinking a little peplum top would be cute too! Check out other dresses also by going through the instagram tag #soleildress!

Oh and look what I found after I took my last photo?

Scroll up to the second photo and see if you can see it! I freaked out, I remember mum making Betty & I try things on a kids and we'd always get pricked by the pins, lol. Luckily there wasn't even a little red mark on her perfect skin and she didn't even seem bothered by it, even though she wore the dress in the car! 

You can pick up the Soleil Dress Pattern right here

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  1. So cute! I love the colours, they look great on her adorable little baby skin! Also, I leave pins in things all the time!

  2. Freakin awesome as usual!!! I love everything and also the last few posts that I didn't stop to comment on. So wishing I was in a sewing mood when I see your stuff. Lately I've been digi designing more than sewing but now I feel the need to get my machine out. Thanks so much for sharing with and inspiring us :)

  3. Oh and glad the pin didn't stick her!!!

  4. Adorable!! You have the best model! Thank you so much for participating in the tour. :)

  5. Say loud to myself "I do not need another dress pattern, I do not need another dress pattern". Unfortunately, the Soleil dress is incredibly sweet and seeing it pop up everywhere, doesn't make it easier. Might give in some time ;)
    And yey for baby backs!

  6. oh my god! i am so in love with your daughter and your son! they are the cutest, EVER! AND i love everything you sew. you are my inspiration! aaaaaand my son's name is Max!!! sorry, i've been stalking your site for months and just finally had to say something, lol.

  7. This is so fabulous! Your little girl's personality shines through in all your posts. I love it.


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