Kids Clothes Week Prep!

By ari - July 19, 2014

I haven't really participated properly the way I used to in the Kids Clothes Weeks, but this time I already have a stack of fabrics piled up on my desk with little pieces of paper pinned to them to remind me of what they will be. I've trawled my pinterest boards, drawn sketches, had little Vinnie help me choose what he wants me to make (and he's done some sketches too).

While it's supposed to be 'summer' KCW, I'm sure one day people will start realising it's sometimes a different season on the other side of the globe ;), I'll obviously be doing winter! It's quite cold here, but luckily we have an amazing fireplace to keep us toasty!

kid's clothes week

I love the theme of this season's KCW! While you don't have to sew to the theme, it's pretty fun to have that little bit extra. A lot of the things i have planned for my kids are basic neccessities, lots of skinny pants and a cute little trench coat for Vin with lots of fun winter dresses and stockings for Eddie. When it's cold out Eddie and I stay wherever it's warm, but I try and dress her cute for school drop off and pick up (ya know, depending on how that goes lol)

Here's some things I've got pinned on my KCW Inspiration board. There is more girl stuff there than boy stuff because it's way easier coming up with stuff for the Cenz than it is for the Enz ahha (I default to boys' style constantly!).

Love this oversize long-sleeved dress by rocking'skidi
Cute jumper. I love the speech bubble!
I just really love all the layers in this outfit

Again it's all about layers for me!
Going to give these dino leggings a bit of a twist for Vin
You can find more kid style inspiration on my Boy Style & Girl Style boards!

Most of my ideas are in my sketch book, and I'll share mine & Vin's scribbles with you throughout the week! You can find all the details here on the Kid's Clothes Week site! And also dead-smack in the middle of KCW is the next episode of Sew Geeky coming up on the 25th! You can check out the theme for that one on our facebook.

Are you going to participate in this season's KCW?

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  1. I vote dino leggings all the way! So cute! Can't wait to see what you make. :)


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