Sew Geeky - Episode IV: Sailor Moon & Pikachu & Giveaway!

By ari - July 25, 2014

Fighting Evil by Moonlight / Gotta Catch 'em All!

This month's Sew Geeky is themed Classic Anime! We went really wild and free with this, encompassing every anime you have ever seen since the beginnings of Anime all the way to when we were in highschool. We're talking Dragon Ball Z, Gundam Wing, Bubblegum Crisis, Caard Captor Sakura, Pokemon, Trigun - errything!

This month we have an amazing special guest in the form of Celina from Petit a Petit and Family!

I remember watching Pokemon and Sailor Moon every morning before I caught the bus to school, so when this theme came up I knew for sure that Eddie would be a little Sailor Moon! Vincent was originally going to be Tuxedo Mask, do you guys remember swooning at him? Oh Darien... But then I thought Vin would actually enjoy being a Pokemon more. It was an obvious choice which one he should be, and although he hadn't watched too much Pokemon before this episode of Sew Geeky he has definitely been immersed in it since we decided the theme!

Vin was really stoked that I was making him a Pikachu onesie, he wanted to sleep in it and wear it but like a good blogger's child he knew he couldn't have it until after the photos were taken ;) I brought it with me to pick him up for school because we went to take photos right after and he was just so excited to show his BFF all the features of it. He's very enamoured by the button on tail.

I drafted the pattern for the Pikachu suit from a onesie he already has that he loves. I added the feet to this one, and drafted my own hood too. I really loved every part of this onesie, there's just some projects you just really enjoy right?! From the beginning it just all came together well. This was the onesie that was meant to be!

The fabric I scored from the opshop for $3. Yeh. The perfect yellow, 3 metres of stretch knit, two days before I was intending on heading to  the fabric store! I was so stoked! The black and the brown fabrics were from my scrap tubs, the black was the sleeves leftover from a t-shirt and the brown was scraps from Vincent's Indiana Jones shirt

 The hood lining I freezer-paper-stencilled little lightning bolts onto it with black paint. Just a little throwback to Pikachu's electric power! I also used freezer paper to stencil the face on top of the hood because I didn't trust my freehand skills AT ALL.

Before assembling it all, I cut small slits into the outer hood shell an popped the ears into them, pinching and stitching the slash closed. I think I should have top stitched around the opening of the hood, but I didn't top stitch anything else and I just have a thing about if I top stitch one thing then everything else needs to be topstitched too. is that just me? lol.

Vincent's favourite part is the tail! I forgot to bring a safety pin to the shoot but I intended to have the end of it safety-pinned to the middle of his back so it stayed up. It's detachable, because if he wants to sit down ever in it then it's got to be comfortable!

The tail is stuffed with that generic toy stuffing, and at the base of it I stitched a loop. On the seat of Vin's onesie, in a very inappropriate place (oops!) I stitched on a yellow button so that  the tail can button on. It's seriously the best thing I could have ever done for him I swear, haha!

The stripes on his back are reverse appliqué. I really dislike appliquéing stretch fabrics to stretch fabrics but they turned out alright, fortunately! Not much I'd be able to do with two great big holes in his back! 

The entire shoot he just wanted to 'get down like Pikachu!' He's so fun! PIKAPI!

Eddie's outfit was based on my all time favourite tv show in the entire world, universe, everything ever. SAILOR MOON.

I used to be sprinting to the bus stop every morning because Sailor Moon finished at 7.30 and my schoolbus left at 7.33. Totally worth it.

I was going to make her a mini Sailor Moon dress, but Sailor Moon wasn't ever my absolute favourite (I'm a Sailor Mars girl!), but then as I was looking through all the Sailor Scouts I found Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon, which is an even tinier version of Sailor Chibi Moon! She's so damn cute, so tiny, so perfectly Edison!
Reference pic
 I had a pink children's wig ordered weeks ago, giving myself plenty of time to cut and style it for this Sew Geeky! Well it got sent to the wrong address I was just informed, after it being missing for weeks. No biggie, it will be here in time for Supanova (hopefully! lol).

So this little moon princess' outfit is based around the Skater Dress pattern by Kitschy Coo! It's actually the Little Skater add-on, in the size 12-18months. At the end of this post you can enter to win one A Skater Dress pattern! It comes in size 18months to 8 years, which is epic and amazing and it's seriously the best base pattern for so many things! I used white jersey for the top of it, widening the sleeve pattern pieces to make them a little puffy when I stitched them to the armholes of the bodice.

The sailor collar is separate and just slips over her head like a necklace I guess! The floppy bow has a towel in it to make it a little fluffy and I had to hand sew the whole heart/bow/collar thing together because it was so fat and thick!

 Her little choker is just red stretch knit sewn into a rectangle with press-studs on the ends. Too cute!

I made her little tiara with the idea that she would have this pink wig to wear over it, so all you would see is the front of it! Unfortunatel, that didn't happen so please excuse the white elastic sides & back! I sewed the tiara from the only gold fabric I had. Lycra. Yeh it was as painful as it sounds! The little pink heart is one I painted onto thick card and glued on just before we went to the shoot. It stayed on so two thumbs up!

Her boots are the Charlie Boots pattern from IThinkSew. I absolutely love all the shoe patterns from this site, I've made quite a few for Eddie. The boots are a little too big, but I figured that she could go as Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon to Supanova in November and her feet may have grown a little then. Maybe. She doesn't grow much (She's still wearing clothes she's been wearing a year ago). They are the size 5, but I could have probably made a size 4 for a snugger fit. The main fabric is from a sheet, the red is fabric from the op shop (holla!) that I got like 4 metres for just a few bucks.

I added the red band above the white, so it was just an added cuff above the pattern. So if you were sewing these up, the Charlie Boots pattern is as high as the white part goes. I made two more pink hearts (I think making all the hearts was the only unpleasant experience with the whole adventure!) and stitched them onto the center fronts. The soles are brown pleather that I bought a scrap of a million years ago. I can't remember where or why or what else I've used it for but I love that it exists!

 Head over to my co-host Kat's blog Sew Chibi to see her Akira, Card Captor Sakura and One Piece outfits! Also check out Celina on Petit a Petit & Family for her excellent Astro Boy outfit! Now THAT'S classic anime!

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...Never running from a real fight, she is the one named


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  1. SO SO SO SO adorable! I love them both! all of my pokemon stuff will be posted from today through monday I think...

  2. Both of these outfits are amazing! I love both Sailor Moon and Pokemon, so I kind of want them for myself :P

  3. Gosh, sooo cute! I love Eddies little poses! Your kids are rockstars... :)

  4. Oh dear! I love these two costume. Really pretty geek! :)

  5. I don't have a favorite anime.

  6. I can't decide, maybe Lady. Oscar, or Georgie, or Mila... Sailor Moon. I don't know, but I know, that I have to share this with my bestie. She looooved Sailor Moon and recorded every Episode.


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