90s Tee & Little Dickies

By ari - August 01, 2014

I was gifted a big bag full of XXL menswear. A lot of it wasn't really useable for me, so it ended up being donated to Lifeline, but a few things I was manage to put away to cut up later (This Free Hugs shirt was one of them!) including two pairs of mens Dickies pants! 

Using the Hosh Pants pattern by LouBeeClothing in a size 5, I used all the good bits of the pants to make a pair of mini Dickies for Vincent. Dickies are seriously the best quality pants and shorts for guys, Tim has a few pairs and he's had them for years and years. Plus they're just cool. These are so sturdy on Vincent's little legs, he absolutely loves them! The Hosh pants are always my go to pattern for resizing things for him because I know the sizing is spot on for him, and he loves the slender fit!

It wasn't an exact resize, I didn't use the existing fly and waistband of the pants, and the fronts and backs of the legs were shuffled around a little to make sure we got both the little Dickies tabs as well as the cool back pockets and the reinforced knee sections.

Vincent is also wearing a tee I made him one morning when ALL of his clothes were either dirty or in the wash (yeh I hate doing the laundry!). I whipped up this tee from a hilarious 90s t-shirt dress I scored from the op shop. I really should have taken a photo of it on me. Or him!

I love that little palm leaf LL thing. I like to think it's spelling LOL and is way ahead of its time... haha. The pattern I used is my Arsenic Tee, just sized up fro the size 4 I had to a size 5. You can see previous incarnations of the pattern here and here.

I made it a little longer on him, but I love the fit. The fabric is old and worn and super soft. Totally perf! I did make the Dickies for Kids Clothes Week but I was so busy with Sew Geeky I didn't have the chance to photograph or blog them until now!

Also congratulations Jessica B you won the Skater Dress PDF pattern giveaway! Thank you to Amanda from Kitschy Coo for making this available to us!

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